2011 Annual Inflation at 33 Month High: 11.2%; Unemployment at 22.8 %

August Payrolls Were 58,000 Below the July Payroll Levels Reported
One Month Ago

Concurrent Seasonal-Factor Adjustments Mute Bad News

August Unemployment Rates: 9.1% (U.3), 16.2% (U.6), 22.8%

Money Supply M3 Growth Slowed in August

Opening Comments and Executive Summary.


The U.S. employment picture is much worse thstan reported, thanks partially to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ (BLS) use of gimmicked revisions, which are a natural fallout of the “concurrent” seasonal-factor adjustment concept used in the payroll survey (alsoused by other statistical bureaus in reporting series such as retail sales and new orders for durable goods).The effect has been to mute the reported impact of layoffs, with
the result that today’s (September 2nd) seasonally-adjusted downside revisions to recent employment levels were shy by at least 85,000 jobs

See http://rattlewithus.ning.com/page/rwuw-stagflation/

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Oba-MAO-nomics are clearly doing more harm than good in putting America on the road to greater growth. We are truly returning to the STAGFLATION days of Jimmy Carter. Write a Letter to the Editor of your favorite Publication and let them know your feelings on the failings of Obama-bin-Biden & al-Democrats rule. The Conservative (Republican) House can only do so much with a Demoncrat POTUS and Demoncrat controlled Senate. Not sure where to write? Check out RWU Writers Group: Letters/Editors Contact information, page. As Bill pointed out, you can find the Writers Group "Action Call" notice (about this topic) at: http://rattlewithus.ning.com/page/rwuw-stagflation/.

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