To: Congressman - Dave Trott – MI-11

From: Bob Cushman – Precinct Delegate – Northville Township

Date: Mar 10, 2015

Subject:  Your voting record

Dear Congressman Trott,

I am writing you this letter due to my concerns with your voting record.  You may recall that I publicly endorsed you, supported your campaign and interfaced with you, personally, several times last year.  I am very concerned with your voting record as evidenced by the following:

  1. You voted to retain Boehner as Speaker to the significant chagrin of true conservatives.  I am persuaded that since an adequate number of “principled” Congressman was lacking, that it would not have been prudent for you to have “fallen on your sword” in a pointless effort and that I should give you a pass on that vote.  Very well.
  2. You voted to pass HR 240.  This was to have been Congress’s way to control the President’s illegal immigration actions using Congress’s “Power of the Purse”.  This fight was established by Congress passing the one trillion dollar spending bill in December of 2014 that funded government until September but only funded DHS until February of 2015.  That was the opportunity for “We The People” to have our representative in “The Peoples House” speak for us. You failed us last week Congressman.  Your press release attempts to blame the Senate for stripping the  “riders to stop President Obama's unconstitutional Executive Amnesties” that had previously been attached.  Your press release further references the current legal stance in the courts. 

Hear what Numbers USA had to say about your vote:

“Voted in FAVOR OF funding Executive Amnesties by supporting clean DHS Appropriations bill, H.R. 240 in 2015 Rep. Trott voted in favor of final passage of H.R. 240, the DHS funding bill passed by the Senate which did not include riders to stop President Obama's unconstitutional Executive Amnesties. Although the House had originally passed H.R. 240 with these riders, the Senate stripped them out, thus fully funding the Executive Amnesties through September 2015. When the House voted on the bill as returned from the Senate,  Trott supported Executive Amnesty by voting in favor of final passage. Funding the President's illegal amnesties not only made Congress complicit in the President's lawless behavior, it also undermined the lawsuit filed by 26 states to stop implementation of the amnesties. If Congress is unwilling to fight to protect its own legislative powers, why should the courts fight on Congress's behalf? The bill passed by a vote of 257-167.”   


There is no reason that the House had to go along with the Senate’s bad bill.  In December the Republican Congress established a righteous fight for February over illegal immigration and failed to show up for the event of their own designation.  This is unacceptable. A significant minority of the  House showed no courage in this regard. (On a separate note the Senate showed courage by reminding Obama and Iran of our Constitutional Requirement (Article 2 Section 2) regarding Treaties and Senate participation and the required two thirds support of all Senators.)

Where is the courage in the House of Representatives?  Only 75 Republicans voted to pass the  clean bill along with ALL 182 Democrats.  167 Republicans in the House had the courage to vote NO.   Michigan Congressmen Amash, Huizenga and Walberg voted no.  Why were you not one of these brave Republicans trying to save our country’s borders and sovereignty ?

Last year you persuaded me that your were a true conservative.  Was this incorrect?

The way I see it you may have one more shot at fixing these problems.

It is my understanding that in a few days the debt ceiling limit will be reached and require a vote to increase the debt ceiling.  Why not attach legislation requiring the President to enforce current immigration laws to the bill increasing the debt ceiling?  That way Obama will have the responsibility of vetoing the debt ceiling bill or being legally forced to enforce all current immigration laws.  That would put the onus on him.

As a point of disclaimer, I do believe in praising in public and criticizing in private but my previous emails to you have largely gone unanswered.  I hope you know that I am pulling for you to do the right thing and hope to continue to be a supporter of yours.



Bob Cushman

Precinct Delegate – Northville Township






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