I just wanted to fill you all in on the Troy rally yesterday. Dispite the weather there was atleast 200 (or more) people that braved the elements to give Barney his due.

What was as encouraging as the number of folks showing up on a cold and rainy Sunday, was the distances they were willing to drive to let their voices be heard AGAIN.

The momentum of the movements does not seem to be dying down like the Democrats had predicted or hoped.

I met three people yesterday that said this was the FIRST time they had come to a sign rally.

Maybe our protest at Channel 7 did some good. Their truck was waiting on site when we started pulling in.
Even though the reporting might not have been as long or detailed as we would have liked - the event was still covered.

Heard Pelosi was in town today. Seems the Liberals are sending in some heavy hitters (in their opinion) to help with campaign contributions for those deemed vulnerable. Schauer and Peters are on that list for sure.

We need to support those that are running against these guys. Whether it be by contributions or donating some time to get the word out when the time comes for phone calls and literature.

No, we did not see Barney but I'm sure the message got to those in charge that we were out there to let them know if they refuse to listen to us now, they will be hearing from us in 2010.

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It was a good time, Sharon. We dodged the rain and only had to deal with the chilling temperatures caused by global warming.

I saw a lot of familiar faces and had a chance to meet a few new folks.

I know life sometimes gets in the way. Many thanks to those that took time out of their lives to spend it with us.

(The girls were cute with their chanting. um-um-um)

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