At our last monthly meeting, we discussed ways RWU members can reach out and help our community. The Detroit is in need of volunteers for their Citizens Radio Patrol Program.

The following is an excerpt from their web site.


The role of the patrollers is to watch over their neighborhoods and report any suspicious activity or sights to the patrol base operator, who in turn contacts the local Police Precinct. The patrollers are never to put themselves in harm’s way or to confront a suspicious individual, that’s the job of the Detroit Police Department.


Patrollers are trained to look out for specific warning signs when on patrol. These include: open doors, broken windows, ladders leaning against buildings, persons going from door to door, persons following mail or newspaper carriers, persons following other persons, loitering individuals, burglar alarms triggered on homes or businesses or vehicles slowly driving up and down an alley.


More information can be found at:


This attachment contains more information and an application. Citizens%20Radio%20Patrol.pdf

If you are interested in carpooling or working with someone, please add your comments below.

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