I was somewhat dismayed to see that 15 to 25 GOP "leaders" got together to "decide" to "declare" that they would back Nancy to oppose Kerry for the Michigan 11 Thanks. District. This sounds like a back room tactic , and not the way I envisioned. Representative democracy to work.  Their efforts would seem to be a slap in the face to Kerry and anyone that signed his petitions.

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There is something we can do about it, along the lines of "a taste of their own medicine". Stand by for future developments.

Looks like an emerging pattern

     A Pakistani doctor named Syed Taj is the leading Democrat candidate to run for the U.S. House 11th district seat in November. Here is an excerpt from a June 14 Detroit News Laura Berman article about him:

"Thus, Taj — the diminutive 65-year-old physician with a compelling life story — suddenly has a fighting chance in a district designed for Republican rule. "I believe that he is a viable candidate and if he's elected, he'll do a tremendous job," says Pat Williams, a Canton Township Republican trustee. The doctor, who served until recently as the chief of internal medicine at Oakwood, is the only Democrat on the trustee board. "

Does anybody know if this is the same Pat Williams who stood up at the Monday RWU meeting, and introduced himself as a candidate? It's beginning to look as if all the 11th district Republican party hacks have sabotage of the likely Republican congressional candidate as their primary goal.


Bob, just want to point out that it was 15 to 25 GOP "leaders" - I guess you could call them that.  But there are plenty that feel this was wrong and are not going along with THE PLAN.  Please don't judge all Republicans by what a few did.  Denis, about a taste of their own medicine - remember this election is about our COUNTRY not just a single district whose poor judgement and disrespect of Kerry has created a big mess.  You were there at the Wayne 11th meeting and witnessed the support of the candidate on the ballot.  Let's remember there are two sides to what is going on and not all are following the dictates of L. Brooks Patterson.

You are absolutely right Sharon, there are two sides, and the Patterson/Stroup/Xuereb one is the one with all the money and influence. That leaves the opposition to those of us with just shoe leather and motivation. Well, that, and now we have the lesson by example from all the 11th district party bosses, that undercutting the Republican candidate most likely to be on the ballot is perfectly legitimate.  

Not legitimate at all.  There are plenty of people who are standing up to what the "backroomers" just did.  Stand by and you will see just how "standing Up" we can be.  I am incensed by what has happened and yes, we have shoe leather and motivation but don't rule out what a bunch of $5 contributions can do.  We saw how that call out helped Ruth.  Just don't want every one that happens to be a Republican branded as Establishment and targeted.  Again, you were there that night and it wasn't just TEA Party members on our committee that spoke up in opposition of endorsing Cassis.

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