The falacy of RoeVWade and false narratives that can no longer go unchallenged

Let's be clear: RoeVWade was based upon FAULTY GROUNDS... Even Far-Left Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg has admitted such... The grounds to Murder Babies was NEVER ACTUALLY ESTABLISHED within flimsy PRIVACY question of that Ruling?!?! So, can I Murder someone as long as I do so in the PRIVACY of my own Home if I promise to Sell off their Body parts like PP does (of course NOT)?!?!? #14A #10A #SendBackToStates

One does NOT have to take the Word of someone from the #ACLJ or Conservative Group to understand this. Ruth Bader Ginsberg, in Speech to University of Chicago Law School, admitted #RoeVWade was a very narrowly focused Ruling and she lamented how it DID NOT GO FAR ENOUGH toward deciding the actual Broader issue of Abortion (and establish the ability to Kill a Child in the Womb)... Many failed in the Decades that followed, in holding the narrow-Ruling, but instead allowed Democrats to falsely establish a Broader Doctrine of/from that Ruling.

see: Ginsberg at University Of Chicago Law School on RoeVWade

There are MANY EXISTING LAWS that have Established Legal Precedence of the LIFE OF A CHILD IN THE WOMB... Killing a Pregnant Woman, most in those Cases are Charged with DOUBLE HOMICIDE (The Womans Life and the Childs Life) - established JUDICIAL PRECEDENCE OF THE CHILDS LIFE! Same for Death of a Woman and Child in Auto Accidents! Well established JUDICIAL PRECEDENCE that refutes the RVW broadened, under false pretenses, RIGHT TO TERMINATE A CHILD'S LIFE!

Kennedy Retirement and MidTerms2018 impact. Remember too, that #DreadScott was also prior Liberal Activist Court established PRECEDENT. A Precedent no matter how long established, cannot and must not be allowed to Stand when found on faulty grounds!

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