I remain firm in my position: #NoAmnesty - PERIOD.... Having said that, the RINOs in DC are going to peddle #Amnesty anyway. IF any #Immigration Bill gets passed it needs to be the Goodlatte Bill. All the other Amnesty Bills are complete SellOuts that get us little to nothing in return for a "supposed compromise." Little (or NO) additional Border Security, No Wall Funding, NO EVERIFY, etc....

So, again, I STILL OPPOSE EVEN THE GOODLATTE BILL, but since they are going to Ram Amnesty down our throats one way or another - we must get something in return, and that means we must have the Goodlatte Bill (the only thing actually close to a real compromise to/of/for both sides) over any other!

Then we can let it go to the USSenate, where almost everything then goes to Die anyway! Chuckie and his band of Obstructionists are likley to Block the Goodlatte Bill in the Senate as it provides some things Trump wants!!

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