Sorry Liberals, JUDICIAL PRECEDENT does not mean SETTLED LAW

Whether it be RoeVWade or AffirmativeAction, "PRECEDENCE" does NOT equate to "settled Law!" "Affirmative Action" #JimCrow in Reverse...
Another "PRECEDENT" (based upon Rulings made on faulty grounds and UNCONSTITUTIONAL) that morons like Susan Collins (RINO from Maine, and all Democrats) says we need to adhere to! NO WAY! Hey Liberals, #DreadScott was "precedent" at one time too, you think that precedent should be brought back and enforced?!?!?

#RuleOfLaw... I didn't hear what Mark Levin had to say about Precedent (seems many are talking about whatever he said), but I have been saying for weeks now... Someone needs to ask Susan, since #DreadScott was precedent, does she want us to return to that?!?! Precedent doesn't mean s*** when it was founded on faulty Ruling(s)!!!

It's 2018 and FINALLY time we have EQUAL RIGHTS/OPPORTUNITY/PROTECTIONS the Constitution is suppose to guarantee!

It does not matter how long any Precedent has been established, if it was achieved via Liberal Activist Justices attempting to Write Law rather than any actually established Law legally through the Legislature, it can/could/MUST be over-turned! Again, confront a Liberal regarding Dread/Scott, JimCrowLaws, etc Precedents! #CheckMate, hypocrisy exposed.

There is no guarantee Ginsberg will Die off anytime soon, therefore we cannot pass up this chance to insist a Conservative be put on the Bench. more: Kennedy retirement and impact?

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