The latest from MSNBCiles (bias) was an obvious and (purposeful, willful, and with malice of forethought) blatant round of race-baiting. Anyone whose taken my MSM (Spin the Story) Challenge knows this was an easy one for them and that this strategy/tactic will continue.

"There is a Black cloud hanging over America - the Debt..." was the quote, and those last two key words were left off so that the commentators could engage in the race-baiting. Those last two words, and even more clarifying ones that followed, make all the difference in the world and why they (again, with willful, purposeful, and malice of forethought) left them off the sound-bite clip they played.

Who said it? Does it matter? Who said it; and whether you personally like the person who did say it; is a distraction of/from the point. You should be reading this article with the notion of how you would react/feel if it is your favorite candidate that said it. You knew, and know going forward, they will NEVER do that to a Liberal/Progressive/Democrat and do that (every chance they get) to a Conservative or anyone that poses a threat to their controlling the Government! The constantly distort, and take out of context, anything and everything anyone they can identify as a TEApeater (Focusing on the protest and NOT the "Party") says (and showing those Left wing loon LaRouche supporters, that show up to Tea Party rallies with their Hitler moustache on Obama posters, as Tea Party Conservatives to LIE about who YOU are). Anyone who opposes the Liberal MSM slant and the Politicians they protect will receive this treatment. The Liberals/Progressives, of course, they build up (see too: MSNBCile Chrisy Matthews declares Obama 'last Kennedy brother') and cover for anything they say that can be even remotely perceived as negative/bad.

Notice too how there is no discussion in the MSM regarding Democratic operatives starting to refer to Mitt Romney as "weird," which is Liberal code for "Mormon." Again, regardless of what you think of Romney personally and/or his policies IS NOT THE POINT. It is about the double-standards in the way the Liberal MSM decides on and portrays (read: slants) coverage.

It is such a shame, but their are still plenty of Brain-Dead (ObamaZombies) folks out there that don't understand how this game is played time after time to manipulate them into voting for Liberals/Progressives. If you know any, point them here to learn how they are being bamboozled (see: MSM (Spin the Story) Challenge). As for you, never forget they are slandering YOU personally by continually trying to infer (guilt by association) YOU are also Racist every time they make these inferences.

As always, Regards from JLenardDetroit from NoMoTown (The MOTORless CITY)
"I THINK, therefore I am Conservative"
"Remember, Liberals - looking to do for America, what they've done to Detroit. Destroy it!"
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and now Joe-bin-Biden is rambling on about how Rapes and Murders will increase if the new Stimulus being lied about as a "Jobs Act" doesn't pass... Pathetic, but predicted - see: Warning: Children Will Die!!! blog.

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