NATO Allies fail to keep their promises - should we do something about it?

I am all for Trump demanding the NATO Allies keeping their 2%GDP promises. Especially Germany. Germany has the largest Economy (and all our Troops there spending US Dollars greatly enhances that Economy) in Europe and can clearly afford it. Poland, right next store, actually closer to Russia who we are "off-setting" wants to be Closer to the US and to have our protections. So, very simple, if Germany DOES NOT IMMEDIATELY RAISE TO 2% - ANNOUNCE MOVE OF ALL OUR GERMAN BASES TO POLAND just as quickly as we can Build them to shift to (which removing the Troops from Germany does NOTHING to harm us strategically, and greatly negatively impacts/punishes German Economy - setting an Example to others that Troop reductions/removal (and the negative impact to their Economy by our reduced presence) is a possibility on/from their Soil too if they don't also immediately start to comply)!!! You want to Bet Poland would eagerly pledge Millions, maybe Billions, for their long-term benefit to help us Build those Bases ASAP?!?!

All Presidents since Reagan have demanded NATO start keeping their Promises and MOST NATO Nations have just ignored the demands so it is now long past time for there to be CONSEQUENCES FOR THEIR FAILURES TO DO SO!!!


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