Our 4 TH Amendment


This whistle blower named Snowden has turned loose a firestorm of embarrassment for the United States. Perhaps the worst of it is that we got caught brazenly ignoring our own Constitution. More specifically we broke our own "law of the land" by throwing the 4 th Amendment under the bus. Our shameful government is trying to characterize Snowden as the problem when, in fact, the bigger problem is the shame that our own government has brought upon itself. Let us never forget Benjamin Franklin's advice when he said that any man that would sacrifice essential liberty for some safety deserves neither safety nor liberty. I call upon all freedom loving Americans to become active to regain control of our government and bring her back to full compliance with our Constitution. Without adherence to this timeless and superior document, our country is but a ship adrift without a rudder or a moral compass. Bob Cushman. 6-23-13.

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