Plymouth Township Fire Facts The Other Side Of The Story

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                Plymouth Township Fire Facts The Other Side Of The Story:

The Plymouth Twp Firefighters refused to take concessions causing the city of Plymouth to join forces with the City of Northville. Because of this the Township needs to reduce our fire budget by one fourth not add to it. All other Township employees took concessions to help in these economic hard times. The firefighters and their friends formed the “citizen’s action group” which was designed to further their demands.The Firefighters group went to court in and forced a special assessment district election on the taxpayers...

This is more than a simple one mill tax increase and the following items should be pointed out.

1. All other union and non union employees in the Township have done their share and have made concessions of 5 to 10%

2. The Firefighters are the highest paid employees on the Township payroll, they average $90,000 plus benefits.

3. They share none of the cost of health care as do other Township employees.

4. The Firemen want to take over the transportation of patients which is currently done by Huron Valley Ambulance. HVA actually trains the Fire Department.

5. Keep in mind the Firefighters work an average of 9.3 days per month with 21 days off each month.

6. Firefighters retire after 25 years with 70% pay, and 28.5 years at 80% of their pay. Township retirees also receive free lifetime health, dental and optical coverage for themselves and their spouse and pay no out-of-pocket premium sharing costs. The total of these "legacy" costs is expected to be $13,500,000.

7. Only 6 of the 23 Firefighters live in Plymouth Township.

8 . Public Act 312 forces Michigan into compulsory binding arbitration with Firefighter's unions. The act allows an unelected arbitrator to determine contracts, obligating taxpayer dollars. The result is elected officials are taken out of the process and costs can skyrocket. Arbitrators often give favorable rulings to unions.

9. If a special assessment district is approved by the voters it affects the entire Township. It is possible the Firefighters could demand even higher wages and the millage could be increased to as high as 10 mills for capital equipment and unlimited for wages and benefits.

10. In these tough economic times many of the people in this community have lost our jobs, our homes and our business. We have made sacrifices and our lives and dreams have been torn apart. Seniors are helping our unemployed children and grandchildren. Most of us do not have retirement and unlimited medical programs, we must pay these expenses out of our own pockets. We do not have the resources to extend benefits while we make sacrifices at home. A special assessment district tax will effect all future generations in the Township.

           VOTE NO ON FEBRUARY 28,2012



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