Should Thomas and Alito (also aging) retire in 2019 and guarantee a Constitutional SCOTUS for several Decades to come (regardless of next several POTUS Election outcomes)

Thomas & Alito are both getting up there in Age... Should they both resign next SCOTUS Sessions term (June2019) to assure they are replaced by a Republican POTUS (President Donald Trump, in 2019) and that the SCOTUS have a solid #CONSTITUTIONAL BASE for several Decades (potentially into the 2040's or 2050's depending then upon when Roberts might retire) to come (regardless of Presidential Elections to come)?!?

* YES - is forward thinking and best for our Nation long term and Thomas and Alito (both Patriots) should consider doing it for good of Nation. This guarantees Trump 2019 SCOTUS Picks and does not rely on any re-election 2020 uncertainty.
* NO - let them hang around like Ginsberg and we'll have to take our chances on who may or may not be POTUS when that time comes

-- Ginsberg is a whole other issue of course... She is selfish and a die hard Liberal Activist Judge and should have had the sense to retire while Obama was in Office (but, again, she's selfish, and didn't, which hopefully will work for us if we can keep control of the Presiedency until she finally expires). Being a Liberal Activist first and foremost and only pretending to be a Constitutional Justice - we all know the only way she will leave Office (despite the fact we all know she SLEEPS through the Hearings and is not giving Cases attention they deserve) is that she will have to DIE. Otherwise, she will continue to Sleep through the entire SCOTUS Session holding out for a DUMBocrat POTUS to come along that can/will replace her with another Liberal Activist!! Which is why I put forth my Thomas/Alito question - they are PATRIOTS and should consider the long term best interest of the Nation and NOT their own Personal selfish interests - replacing them in 2019 would firmly put the SCOTUS in Constitutional hands/control for several Decades to come regardless of future Presidential uncertainty!!!

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