President Obama speaking at U of M Graduation Ceremony protest! "To be or not to be" that is my question.

Hi all,


There is word going around and plans are being made for a protest on May 1.


President Obama is going to be the speaker at the U of M graduation day ceremony.


I am having conflicting thoughts about this particular rally and would like to hear from some others on what they think.


I think this president and his administration are hearing loud and clear from a growing number of Americans that we are not in favor of his agenda and most of his policies.


I think his abrupt change in focusing his attention on job creation is proof of that.  Though I don't believe for a minute he has a clue on how to do this.  Forcing banks to loan money is proof of that - isn't that some of the reason we are in this economic spiral?


Back to the discussion.


Many students have worked long and hard in preparation for this day of celebration (besides some parents working long and hard to provide that education) and does it do them an injustice to use this event to stage a political protest?


While I'm sure there will be much discussion and guidelines on what should or should not be written on signs - I'm sure without sign police - some of the ones being held up will cause many to grimace.


We have been accused of being angry, right wing extremists, racists, Nazis - the list goes on.  Does this kind of protest fuel those accusations? 


Though I totally "get it" that most media will never protray us in a fair and honest light - does this type of protest lend some credence to what they have said about us?


I can't help but wonder when the plan goes out about this protest - will there be some from the "other side" acting like they are part of our groups but sporting derogatory signs in attempt to make the accusations factual? 


While I am all about rallies and town halls - been to many - I just want to make sure we are not hurting others by hijacking a day of happiness and accomplishment. 


We have been getting our message out by poll responses, phone calls, emails, faxes, letters, town halls, ralllies, sign protests, information meetings and in some states VOTING! 


Just not sure if a graduation ceremony should be added to the list.



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Whether you consider the feelings of the graduates and their families or not, there are logistics concerns with going to Ann Arbor. They include, but are not limited to:
<> Parking
<> A hostile environment
<> others?

Instead of going to Ann Arbor, what if we stood (with flags) along the route from the Airport to Ann Arbor? Signs could not be seen, but think about what a row of American flags, disbursed with Gadsden and second Revolution flags would look like.

I94 would be the route he would be taking, whether he flies in to Metro or Willow Run. I know the overpasses will be closed off. Does anyone know of a "high ground" area that would be accessible to us? (Consider parking and accessibility.)
Thankfully, 300+ people on Ford Rd didn't feel the same way, Tony.

Count me amongst the people that think rallies and demonstrations do make a difference. If you are harboring a secret weapon to use against "the ideology that created it", please share your wisdom with the group.

Tony said:
I would like to offer up some thoughts on this topic.

1. protests do not serve your purpose well. It gives the enemies of liberty a perfect opportunity to portray you just like they would like others to see you.

2. Protests are for lack of a better idea. Meaning, there are much more productive activities that could be engaged in. For instance, the enemies of liberty love to see you standing on a street corner waving signs. This is because they know that since you are there, you are not knocking on doors.

3. Tom is correct about traffic, and parking and all the hassle. It will be a mess. Not to mention a complete police state.

4. As Sharon says, the students are not at fault.

I for one will be getting out of town. The battle for me is not with the false idol itself. It is with the ideology that created it.

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