#PrinciplesOverPersonalities - Blind #TrumpCult Fools and #NeverTrump (#TrumpDerrangementSyndrome) Haters, are equally pathetic

I am neither a Blind #TrumpCult member NOR one on the other extremists and/that suffering #TrumpDerrangementSyndrome (so, yes, if you are refferring to #TDS folks as the #TrumpHaters, ok I'll agree with you)....


If you posture that anyone that opposes Trump on any one (or a few) issue(s) what-so-ever is automatically and by default a HATER, NO DON'T AGREE!!!

(from FB: https://www.facebook.com/joseph.m.lenard/posts/10156138515289279)
What is he doing differently than Clinton?
* Gorsuch, not Garland.
* DeRegulation (though nowhere near enough yet) versus Clinton who would be piling on endless more Regulation.
* Partial Repeal of Dodd/Frank (not far enough), Clinton would have Vetoed any such Legislation.
* We would have had Repeal of ObamaCare (that was McLame's failing, not Trump's)
* Tax Cuts that Clinton never would have signed into Law
* Millions more in the US Economy (due to Tax Cuts) versus having Govt tie up that Money resulting in a greatly increased Growth per  GDP
* Opened ANWAR (as part of TaxCutsAndJobsAct)(Energy Independence)
* PRO COAL, unlike Clinton that promised to KILL THE COAL INDUSTRY
* Pulled US out of Paris Climate Accords
* KeystoneXL and Dakota Access pipelines approved (Clinton would have continued to Block those
* Nullified Obama's horrible Iran Deal
* Nullified Obama's horrible Cuba Deal
* Additional Enforcement at the Border (though I oppose his willingness to sell-out on Amnesty) versus Clinton that would have clearly tied the Hands of Border-Patrol and continued Obama CatchAndRelease!
* Taking the Fight to ISIS, as opposed to Clinton continuing Oblunder's "strategic patience" allowing them to take more and more Territory
... far from perfect, but far from a Clinton Presidency!!!

(from FB: https://www.facebook.com/joseph.m.lenard/posts/10156138579464279)

* FIRE SESSIONS. At the time I thought Sessions was a good pick - I (and Trump) was WRONG. What happened to #DrainTheSwamp?  Sessions has turned out to be yet another Swamp creature and is protecting the Swamp not draining it.
* Tariffs (failing to learn from History, forget #SmootHwley, buteven as recently as GWBushs FAILED Steel Tariffs. more, see: http://rattlewithus.ning.com/profiles/blogs/donald-trump-3)
* Gas Tax increase (He has recently said he would support)
* Expansion of Clinton's UnConstitutional (Fed Govt has no Business meddling in Business Pay/Benefits systems) #FamilyLeaveAct that he called for in the #SOTU cuz it's one of his Daughters Pet causes)
* AMNESTY (#DACA or otherwise).... #NoAmnesty, PERIOD!!! If you give Amnesty, more and more will continue to flood the US knowing full well you're likely to do it again in the future for them too.
* He hasn't done enough to attempt to defund Planned Parenthood
* He signed, rather than Vetoed, that last $1T Deficit OmniBus Bill he had previously promised to Veto
* His support for the recent #SCOTUS Ruling mandating Internet Sellers to collect Sales Taxes (out of spite for Bezos)
.... I'm sure there may be some more items that I'm just not able to think of right at this moment. But, to be FAIR (and honest) this list is far shorter than my list of things I think he deserves credit for!

> If you base your stances on solid principles, and don't waffle back and forth just cuz it's Trump peddling any particular policy/position, we'll get along just fine!!!

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