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P2R Associates is an award-winning strategic public relations, branding and business development firm with strong expertise in business-to-business and business-to-consumer communications in a variety of industries. We provide integrated marketing strategy, planning and support services including: web design, collateral, graphic design, special events, staffing, media relations and a full range of integrated marketing communications service. P2R Associates serves local, national and international clients with strategy-driven tactics, superior service and measureable results.

Gordon Cole
39201 Schoolcraft Rd.
Suite B-15
Livonia, MI


I don't know much about art, but I do know that there is a machine that will copy your art if it is on a flexible surface and I am sure that Kinko's would have it. They may also have a copier capable of copying a non-flexible picture of the size you mention.

I hope this is helpful.


Daniel webb said:
Daniel Webb, artist and photographer and part time mad scientist.

Custom fine art in Oils or sketch and murals. Prices range from $25 up, depending upon job. Only a small deposit is required for paintings.

No website yet and I'm still trying to work out a way to copy work for on line display. Ever try to get a 24"x36" panel on a 12"x 18" scanner? But I digress.

I am also skilled at video production and video editing with Pinnacle Studio. Available to tape parties, meetings and homes for sale. Prices upon request. Contact me at or 734-812-3543

Hard times never last, but art remains forever

My website sells Tea Party posters. We have over 325 different designs for conservative and libertarians. Prices start at $8.99.

The Firing Line

Please visit our friends at the Firing Line for all your firearms and personal protection needs, located at 33000 Ford Rd, Westland, MI 48185, call (734) 326-7320 or visit

Store Hours:
Mon. - Fri. 10:00AM - 9:00PM | Saturday  9:00AM - 7:00PM | Sunday  9:00AM - 4:00PM
* *Entry to range closes one hour prior to store closing.**


Hi Rattle With Us Tea Party!
   Well, it was hoped that our book Seek and Find the Obama Code Book would be a keepsake about the words of a failed one term President, but the takers outnumbered the producers on November 6.  Sure to outrage any liberal friends IN TIME FOR CHRISTMAS, please order this amazing word search puzzle book of not only Obama’s words, but that of his spiritual soulmate, Saul Alinsky.

    For Conservative friends, this book will offer many hours of word search enjoyment at the same time reminding all of why this evil Regime and its policies should be tossed on the ash heap of history!

    Seek and Find the Obama Code book (the word search book) is available for $10 at:   This is a totally unique book as it features word search puzzles featuring the actual words of our "glorious historic leader."  This is very easy.  
    Also available on Amazon: and anywhere fine books are available. 
    Please share this website on Facebook, Twitter or any other media you may be able to access including your Tea Party email trees.   
In freedom (still),

Hi, John.  I have an idea for a t-shirt that I'd like to give as gift. Please call me.

Marc Joseph Sosnowski
313.319.8676 mobile

~ Proverbs 3:5-6 ~

John Lehman said:

My website sells Tea Party posters. We have over 325 different designs for conservative and libertarians. Prices start at $8.99.

Patriot Wood - Custom Wood FlagsWe make handmade patriotic wood flags, custom wall art and vintage wall decor.  Everything from Old Glory to US State flags, historic flags, military flags, revolutionary war flags, as well as professional and college team sports flags.

Custom orders and designs are available.  Our flags would make a wonderful addition to your home or garden.

Patriot Wood, LLC

4122 Stuart Circle

Ferndale, WA  98248


"Firingline" Radio Show
spacer (1K)


Welcome to our new radio show "Firingline" brought to you by the gun guys of Firingline Gun Range & Gun Shop located at 33000 Ford Rd., Westland, We will be discussing all things about firearms, specially targeting self-defense and home protection in the home.

The radio show will be aired simulcast live on Saturday at 10:00 am on channels  1400AM The PATRIOT station and on 92.7 FM

We will then have a replay of the same show on Sunday at 2:00pm on WAAM RADIO, Ann Arbor, MI at 1600AM Radio.

All three of these stations cover the Wayne/Oakland/Washtenaw & Livingston County area with fringe coverage Macomb County, & Toledo, Ohio. You can get a flavor for what this show is about by going to our website and pod cast some of our old shows. We left WJR to gain a more frequent show. We believe that being on multiple stations on two different days, weekly will build a larger listening base. This will help promote your business if you join our team as a sponsor. 

We're looking for nine sponsors and believe this will be a very good opportunity to promte your business at a reasonble cost. We will be doing the radio show live from our store and your business logo will be displayed on our banner in the store.

These are the different ad packages:

$750 per month level:
   • (1)-60 sec. or (2)-30 sec. commercial per show on all three radio stations

    • Once a quarter you can come on the air with us and talk about your business for one of our segments. We will also begin and end a segment on each show as being brought to you by I.E. “ Bill’s auto shop & oil change “

    • Will put a 12X34 inch. Sign in each or our three gun ranges that promotes your business, you will have to provide sign

$500 per month same commercial per show, sign in gun ranges, logo on banner

$250 per month you pick a radio station 1-60 sec or 2-30sec. commercials, sign in gun ranges, logo on banner

$150 per month 1- 30 sec. commercial, sign in gun range, no logo on banner

Please feel free to call me or email

Thank You
Don Haigh
Firingline Gun Range & Gun Store

Firing Line Guns

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