Yesterday I wrote a note to Glenn Beck apprising him of the controversial issue of the recently approved novel "Beloved".  I asked that he read the book or instruct a staff member to read it and give some feedback to our group. I did forward the Rattle With Us email that was distributed to us and added some background as to what led up to a committee being assigned to review the book and the subsequent findings of the committee.  I also mentioned the articles printed in our local Plymouth Observer as well as the letters to the editor that were all written by those who support the book in a high school environment but noted that there were no letters printed that were against the pornographic content of the novel.  Another biased newspaper in our midst?

I received a polite response from the Glenn Beck group and I have no way yet of knowing if Glenn will take up the issue either privately or publicly.  Since this issue falls into the progressive, liberal category of what is occurring in schools around American I thought it noteworthy to make Glenn Beck aware of our fight to protect our children and grandchildren from pornographic influences.  I believe this novel can be expected reading in a college or university but certainly not in high school where the maturity level of children is uncertain. And who is anyone to assume they know the emotional state of each and every child?  That is the unknown, and foremost, we know pornography when we see it, when we read it.

College comes soon enough where children become adults and they will be exposed to every type of reading material, let us keep the barbarians from the gates for just a little while longer.  Is that too much to ask?




Rose Callahan

Rattle With Us Tea Party Member


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I have encouraged those in the RWU Writers Group to write LTE (Letters To Editors) to area Publications, I hope you will join in on that effort. Details of that ACTION CALL can be found online here at RWU: Just because it may not be someones School District doing this now, doesn't mean that your children will not be next to have this pushed upon them (if Liberals in one place see they can get away with something, other Liberals copy the bad behavior). 

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