Preacher-In-Chief? [Obama] says Jesus wants YOU to pay more in Taxes?!?!?

Wow... Obama quoted Jesus (twists the scriptures, to his "Social Justice" Theological miss-readings, to imply Jesus was for HIGH TAXES on the Rich) this first week into February of 2012... How laughable... As I've pointed out, Liberals' REAL Religion is Government.

Obviously he learned THIS from Rev. Wright's church; and they want to pretend he heard nothing while there.

Conservatives ALWAYS give more to Charity, by large margin; review Presidential Candidates released Tax returns for the two Parties.

Then there is the Left's miss-application of the ROBIN HOOD story/principle... Robin Hood took from the Sheriff/King (GOVERNMENT) that which was taken (stole, in the name of Taxes) from the people and returned it to the Poor (read: People, from which it was confiscated).

Liberal's true Religion is Government (Separation FROM Church TO St...
'The Greater Good' - "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of t...
the Contraception deception


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Once again, Obama quotes Scripture... This time to push his Illegal Immigration AMNESTY!

Funny how if any Conservative mentions FAITH (alone, not even scripture itself) and the Left screams the Separation of Church and State (MYTH) yet they can/will TWIST the Bible to push their socialist agenda!


and be sure to review the comments section there also!!!!

What - No Separation of Church and State for DUMBocrats?!?!

and be sure to review the comments section there also!!!!

Would Jesus be a DUMBocrat?

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