Dear Rattle With Us Writing Group member and Friends:
Donald Trump is now the President Elect. Whether you were/are a Fan of Trump or not, he is going to be the next President and now is the time to SHAPE HIS ADMINISTRATION. WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM THE FIRST 100 DAYS OF A TRUMP ADMINISTRATION?
? Nominate a CONSERVATIVE/CONSTRUCTIONIST SCOTUS for Senate Confirmation process?
? Repeal/Replace ObamaCare (as previously brought up. see: )?
? Tax Reform?
? Undo endless Obama Executive Orders?
? Stop the flood of Syrian Refugees?
? ?????????
Make your voice heard. Write a OPEN LETTER TO TRUMP via a Letter to the Editor (and print a physical copy of it to send to Trump directly: Trump For POTUS, 725 5th Ave, NY NY 10022). And/or comment online at RWU: 
I am including two following Articles I wrote long ago on the topic of Policy/Bills as a basis to get your creative juices flowing: 
DISCLAIMER: RWUW Group is meant to inspire folks to write on any and all issues, PRO OR CON! Any "sample" Letter is strictly the opinion of the Author and (again) provided in hopes of inspiring you to also get involved with writing a Letter To Editor (or respond to a blog on a website) yourself and may or may not be necessarily endorsed by RWU leadership.... 
For info on where to write local Publications see:
and always, see Rattle With Us TEA Party site homepage:
Joseph Martin Lenard (twitter: @JLenardDetroit)
Rattle With Us Writing Committee CoChair

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