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Dear Rattle With Us members and other friends. 
As you probably already know, Michigan's Legislature and Governor have decided to try and raise the Sales Tax as their current answer to fixing Michigan's crumbling roads. That requires, as Sales Tax amount is capped by MI-Constitution, a vote of the People. That election is on May 5th, but we cannot wait until it is right upon us. There is only a few months of opportunity to influence the outcome of that Election. What follows are a couple of Sample letters. You can, of course, take an opposing view if you choose...
Write to Newspapers and/or Websites: share your thoughts on Michigan Roads and how you feel monies should be raised/allocated to that end....
DISCLAIMER: RWUW Group is meant to inspire folks to write on any and all issues, PRO OR CON! Any "sample" Letter is strictly the opinion of the Author and (again) provided in hopes of inspiring you to also get involved with writing a Letter To Editor (or respond to a blog on a website) yourself and may or may not be necessarily endorsed by RWU leadership.... 
For info on where to write local Publications see: http://rattlewithus.ning.com/page/writing-contacts
and always, see Rattle With Us TEA Party site homepage: http://rattlewithus.ning.com/
FROM OUR FRIENDS AT RetakeOurGov info@RetakeOurGov.com:
Results from the first poll indicate that an informed public will vote against the Snyder Sales Tax proposal. However, uniformed voters support the tax.
If you want a responsible road funding plan that doesn’t increase our sales tax by 16.7% then it is up to you to start informing your friends and neighbors. Absentee ballots for the May 5 vote will likely be mailed out two months from now, in early April.
(Note: Governor Snyder wants to increase your sales tax from 6% to 7%. Supporters of the Snyder tax call this a 1% increase but in fact it is a 16.7% increase. Additionally, one-third of the money generated by this tax increase doesn’t even go to roads. Among other things, it goes towards an increase in welfare payments.)
Write a letter to the editor and we’ll post it on our website.
Did you know that Letters to the Editor are the third most read section of the newspaper? Only the sports page and comics rank higher in popularity than Letters to the Editor. Every activist needs to get into the habit of writing letters to the editor of their local paper, as this is the best way to deliver your message to citizens who are not directly involved in the conservative movement. Please contact us if you need help in developing your letter writing skills or letter writing strategy.)
Russ Spencer of Tyrone Township wrote a letter opposing the sales tax increase. His letter was published in the Sunday edition of the Livingston Daily and we posted a link to his letter on our website. By writing his letter, Mr. Spencer informs thousands of readers about the details of the Snyder Tax.
Everyone who is acquainted with the auto industry and most of the private sector knows that hard times lead to reduced revenues. When that happens, all department managers are required to use their creativity and courage to find ways to reduce spending to correct for that.
In my career, I have been required to make several 5 percent to 10 percent painful departmental cuts for up to three years in a row. I once complained and was assured "you are not being required to work harder, only smarter."
The state of Michigan has a $52 billion budget and needs $1.2 billion to fix roads. If all departments were required to trim by a paltry one-time 2 percent, the problem would be solved. Instead we are faced with a typical public sector solution; increase the sales tax by 17 percent!
Now the state budgeting bureaucrats have underestimated the amount of corporate tax credits and caused a $440 million shortfall. We are told this will be met by cutting services. That's like a car company faced with such difficulties deciding to sell fewer cars.
Now is the time for our state bureaucrats to exercise some creativity and courage and do the kind of belt-tightening that people who live in the real world have to.
Russell Spencer
Tyrone Township
A letter published in the Livingston Daily
Our movement needs more people like Mr. Spencer! Letters to the Editor reach more people than just those on your email list. Letters to the Editor reach the general population who are likely not as well informed as you, the conservative activist.
Please take the time to write your own letter opposing the Snyder Tax. You’ll help influence public opinion and hold Lansing accountable. Here are some talking points to consider including in your letter.
Thanks for all you do!
Here's a another letter:

NO MORE GENERAL FUNDING TAX INCREASES... Our Roads, like our Schools, need REAL REFORMS not just more money thrown at them and Patrick Colbeck and a few other Legislators are the only ones demanding we look at how and for what we spend our money on to Fix Michigan Roads. Many in Lansing, Government's in general, only solution to anything is a TAX INCREASE! It's time for Government to actually review and FIX AN ACTUAL PROBLEM rather than just throw money at it. The Governor, and far too many Legislators, want to put money into the General Transportation Fund; which would mean more money on Bike Paths, Road Landscaping, and yet more diverted to subsidize Mass-transit also; whereas those I support want more money to go to ONLY FIXING BROKEN ROADS (and not even toward more new Roads), for which the Price-tag is actually far less. Also, the 16.7% increase (from 6 cents to 7 cents, putting MI equal with others at the second highest and slowing/harming Michigan's ComebackState initiatives) does NOT just go to roads; it's a (belated) Christmas tree filled with ornaments to help get more folks to help pass it - even adding 50 Million to the General Fund that Legislators can dream up new things to waste it on!  I would vote YES to a half/cent increase if that money was strictly allocated to fixing roads and nothing else, but for May 5 I am a NO VOTE! FIX IT, DON'T DEMAGOGUE IT! 
Joseph Martin Lenard (@JLenardDetroit)
Wyandotte, MI 48192-4115

When/Where we have to entirely replace Bridges, how about we focus on putting in a "functional" Bridge to deal with Traffic rather than things that seem to focus more on being a Modern Art display!?!?
You may, in your letter, want to touch on the fact how we just recently raised the Minimum Wage in Michigan adding costs to businesses and potentially causing inflation as businesses; strapped for cash; have to pass that along in increased pricing. Adding/increasing the Sales Tax, also and on top of that, hurts Michigan's ability to attract people/businesses and keeping Michigan's ComebackState status!


@MichCapCon reports: State Revenue Increasing by $640 Million

DEMAND the Michigan Legislature and Governor use THAT $$$ for the Roads repair funding!!!


Be sure to see the comments section as others provide additional details/facts....

Governor Snyder has come up with a new hastag: #Blueprint4America, variation/escalation of/from #ComebackState, because he is considering a POTUS run. Sorry Rick, but RAISING TAXES is NOT a Blueprint for Michigan or America. The #Blueprint4America is Scott Walker in Wisconsin who has won 3 elections in 4 years time in a solid Blue (Michigan is still somewhat Purple-ish) State, and has directly taken on the Left at every turn while you cozy up to Democrats!

Senator PJColbeck on why he is Voted NO for the Sales Tax increase initiative

Paul Mitchell @SayNoOnProp1 on "OFF the Record"

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Holland, Mich.

Voters deserve to know with certainty what the actual effect of passing the May 5 proposal would have on the state and its citizens.

What is certain is that special interests would profit enormously from the new taxes extracted by the state of Michigan from taxpayers, while an average of $200 would be extracted from every man, woman and child in Michigan each year.

The proposal raises tax money for the School Aid Fund, which is reportedly being looted to build a new Detroit Red Wings arena for private profit at public expense.

The Earned Income Tax Credit would be tripled and redistribute an estimated $260 million per year of new tax money taken from We the People of Michigan and given over to qualifying low-income individuals. This is an outlandish redistribution of wealth and it is proposed under so-called conservative Republican state control.

The Republican Party platform adopted in 2012, states: "Taxes, by their very nature, reduce a citizen's freedom. Their proper role in a free society should be to fund services that are essential and authorized by the Constitution, such as national security, and the care of those who cannot care for themselves. We reject the use of taxation to redistribute income, fund unnecessary or ineffective programs, or foster the crony capitalism that corrupts both politicians and corporations."

Half of the new taxes raised by the proposal would not be spent fixing Michigan roads, but benefit other interests for the apparent purpose of inducing them to support the measure.

Of the $2 billion per year estimated to be extracted from state taxpayers annually by the tax increases in the proposal, only half of that money, $1 billion, would be dedicated to road funding.

Voters are being asked to enact a massive legislative package that includes policies not even mentioned in the ballot language, and that have nothing to do with roads.

These policies were pushed through the legislature, giving no one time to read them.

We the People can do far better than this proposal by insisting that our legislature cut spending and not raise taxes.

Stephen Young


boondoggle noun boon·dog·gle \ˈbün-ˌdä-gəl, -ˌd-\ 
an expensive and wasteful project usually paid for with public money

On May 5th, you will have an opportunity to go the polls and vote on Proposal 15-1. Here is the language of that proposal:


PROPOSAL 15-1      A proposal to amend the State Constitution to increase the sales/use tax from 6% to 7% to replace and supplement reduced revenue to the School Aid Fund and local units of government caused by the elimination of the sales/use tax on gasoline and diesel fuel for vehicles operating on public roads, and to give effect to laws that provide additional money for roads and other transportation purposes by increasing the gas tax and vehicle registration fees. The proposed constitutional amendment would:  
  • Eliminate sales/use taxes on gasoline/diesel fuel for vehicles on public roads.
  • Increase portion of use tax dedicated to School Aid Fund (SAF).
  • Expand use of SAF to community colleges and career/technical education, and prohibit use for 4-year colleges/universities.
  • Give effect to laws, including those that:
  • Increase sales/use tax to 7%, as authorized by constitutional amendment, 
  • Increase gasoline/diesel fuel tax and adjust annually for inflation, 
  • Increase vehicle registration fees, and dedicate revenue for roads and other transportation purposes, 
  • Expand competitive bidding and warranties for road projects, 
  • Increase earned income tax credit.

Should this proposal be adopted?   YES [ ] NO [ ]


Here is what the passage of this bill means for the hard working taxpayers of the state of Michigan:  

  • It will permanently raise the sales tax rate in the state of Michigan to 7% from the current 6%. This is a 17% increase in the rate and will cost taxpayers nearly $1.5 billion. 
  • It will raise additional revenue from higher fuel taxes ($463 M), higher vehicle registration fees ($10.9M), and commercial truck fees ($50M). 
  • Gasoline taxes will be raised from 19 cents to 41.7 cents per gallon.
  • Diesel taxes will increase from 15 cents to 46.4 cents per gallon. 

This will come to $200 per year for every man, woman and child in Michigan.

Further, approval of this bill puts 10 additional laws in place that will cost the Michigan taxpayer.  Many of these new laws were added as sweeteners to garner democrat support:

  • $270M increase in the earned income tax credit (EITC) welfare handout
  • $290M increase in the school aid fund. 
  • $115M increase in "revenue sharing" funding to local governments
  • $274M to go to township and village road agencies. 
  • $116M for mass transit projects
  • $20M for the Michigan Conservation and Recreation Legacy Fund. 
  • $1.3B to pay off the debt in the State's Transportation Fund

Add that all up and you get nearly $2.4 billion that is being raised on the backs of Michigan taxpayers, not one penny of which will pay for new roads.


If you don't think this will be a huge tax increase, consider that in the proposal language  the words "increase" or "expand" are used at least nine times while the word "eliminate" appears only twice!


The outcome of this proposal is in the hands of the voters. The legislature has empowered you to decide whether you want this enormous tax increase. 


Please vote on May 5th. Send a strong message to the legislature that you will not accept this boondoggle.


For further, in-depth analysis of Proposal 1 from the Mackinac Center for Public Policy, click here.


Please "Like" us on Facebook

Visit Tea Party Patriots of West Oakland County at: http://teapartypatriotsofwestoakland.ning.com/?xg_source=msg_mes_ne...

FROM CINDY GAMRAT [Editors Note: Be sure to see the Forum post "Todd Courser discusses Cindy Gamrat's removal from Caucus" ( http://rattlewithus.ning.com/forum/topics/rep-todd-courser-discusse... ) also]

We have all seen the ads showcasing falling debris from old bridges and a how this is a huge safety emergency; proclaiming that the bridges are falling, if so why are we spending more on welfare and entitlements and education and less and less on roads? This is the spot in our state's history where the rubber meets the pothole filled road!  

While families have been counting pennies and cutting back, we have a proposal put in front of them that would take $2 billion more from them EVERY YEAR! 

For years Michigan families and businesses have been tightening their belts and it is now time that government did so too!  We have the opportunity to lead by example and show that we can live within our means and within our budget and still fulfill our Constitutional duty to maintain our roads. 

Funding our roads in this current budget year and within this current budget is not only necessary for the safety of our citizens but we believe is the responsible step to take by our government. We are offering a series of amendments that would do just that, including a 10% across the board cut from each general fund line item. 

A 10% cut across the board combined with some targeted cuts will put nearly a billion dollars towards roads this year so that we can get started on fixing them while the legislature works on a long-term road package. 

We cannot in good conscience sit on the sidelines and cut the transportation budget while simultaneously asking Michiganders to pay more in taxes for the roads. 

Instead, we must do the hard work of responsible fiscal governing and freeze the budgets of entitlements and programs or tighten our government belt and decrease general fund spending by 10% in order to provide the much needed funding to our roads. 

With awareness of the great responsibility entrusted to us by taxpayers, we have taken an intentional approach to put forward some amendments to cut wasteful programs and increased spending from our state’s general fund, with the ultimate goal of putting more money towards roads without raising taxes

Our amendments will cut the corresponding amount from the below programs. An additional amendment will cut further 10% from other general fund expenditures. Combined, these amendments will free up roughly $1 billion dollars from the budget. The Lansing establishment says we cannot fix our roads without raising taxes. These amendments prove otherwise, and protect the taxpayers of Michigan. 


Todd Courser

Cindy Gamrat

State Representative, District 82 State Representative, District 80

The amendments are as follows: 

-Individual amendments for each of the following: 

Department of Agriculture:

  • Migrant Labor Housing Cut $1,049,700
  • Horse Race Programs Cut $1,000,000 

Department of Community Health

  • Base Medicaid Cut $19, 430,000
  • Community Mental Health non-Medicaid Cut $10,000,000
  • Reinstate Public Health and Wellness Reductions Cut $3,000,000
  • Healthy Kids Dental Service - New Program Cut $7,500,000 

Dept. of Education 

  • Child Development and Care (CDC) Cut $$6,5888,800
  • State Aid to Libraries Cut $1,000,000
  • Renaissance Zone Reimbursement to Libraries Cut $600,000 

General Government 

  • Legislature Operations Cut $3,815,700 

Department of Technology, Management, and Budget

  • State Building Authority Cut $17,800,000
  • Capital Outlay Cut $10,000,000
  • Information Technology Investment Fund Cut $7,500,000
  • Motor Vehicle Fleet Cut $6,515,500
  • Legal Services New Cut $1,000,500
  • Homeland Security/Cyber Security Cut $1,000,000
  • Procurement Improvement Plan Cut $479,100  

Department of Treasury

  • Business Attraction and Community Revitalization Cut $99,000,000
  • Entrepreneurship EcoSystem Cut $7,800,000 

Department of Human Services

  • Healthy MI Plan Call Center Cut $1,446,900 

Department of Natural Resources

  • Shooting Range Enhancements Cut $250,000 

Department of Transportation 

  • Transit Capital and Rail Infrastructure Cut $15,000,000 

-An amendment to cut general fund spending across the board by 10%

Paid for by Citizens to Elect Cindy Gamrat · PO Box 452, Plainwell, MI 49080, United States

[Image: Photo of phony letter send by Vote Yes or Else campaign pretending to be an elderly woman worried about road conditions. Enable images in your email to view the photo.]

Is there nothing too low for the lobbyists pushing Proposal 1?

As Ken Braun reported on MLive today, the so-called "Safe Roads Yes" campaign mailed a printed-to-look-handwritten letter from "Barbara," an 81-year-old grandmother from Davison, airing her fears about the safety of her kids and grandkids.  The return address is not a Davison address, but the same Okemos address as the "Safe Roads Yes" campaign itself.

Braun notes the dishonesty not just in the production of the letter, but the argument "Barbara" is making:

If Michigan voters approve Proposal 1, they will pay an additional $2 billion in taxes during its first year of implementation, but receive just $368 million of road work in return. While less than 20 percent of that first year of tax hikes will go to fixing roads, $865 million will be dedicated to paying off debts for the roads we already have. It takes several years for the full $1.25 billion in annual funding for road repairs to be phased in...

Barbara doesn't appear to have been told that Proposal 1 deliberately puts off full funding of her grandkids' safety until the 81 year old grandma will see her 85th birthday.

Braun doesn't mention that the general fund road budget has been slashed from $451 million in fiscal year 2014, which ended less than a year ago, to a proposed $113 million in the upcoming fiscal year.  

Which means that if Prop 1 passes, roads would only get a $30 million increase in funding between last year and next year.

Out of a $2 billion tax increase, road repairs get just 1.5% of the new money in Year 1.

So much for fixing the roads.

But this shows that we are up against those willing to use any tool of deception to trick voters into voting for the tax hike scheme on on May 5.

And they have the money to reach a lot of voters.  

Our side is being outspent almost 60 to 1.  

We've done far better than expected by organizing volunteers across Michigan, making our points in the media, and exposing the false choice being presented by the other side.

But we must maximize turnout on May 5.

Joseph, please make a contribution, today, for our final Get Out the Vote phone program.  

A little or a lot, it will go a very long way.

We have secured a Get Out the Vote phone system that will reach Michigan voters for an amazing 1.5 cents per one-minute call. 

We can reach an enormous number of voters affordably at that rate.

Please click here to chip in today to make this final effort possible.

If we can raise an additional $3000 this week we can reach every targeted voter in Michigan just before Election Day.

Please make a contribution, right now, to put us over the top on Election Day.

Click here to donate $30-- 1% of the total goal.

Click here to donate $100-- 3.3% of the total goal.

We must do all we can for maximum turnout on Tuesday May 5.

Thanks for all you do for prosperity in Michigan,

Alex Witoslawski
Director of Operations 
Concerned Taxpayers of Michigan

P.S.  We have just 6 days left before the election.  Time is running out.  Please donate today.

Paid for by Concerned Taxpayers of Michigan, PO Box 211, Milan MI 48160
This is the best explanation on Why The Leadership Committee are voting NO on PROPOSITION 1 ON TUESDAY MAY 5, 2015. WE STRONGLY URGE YOU TO VOTE ON TUESDAY AND VOTE NO ON PROP 1.
From Rep. McMillon
In my 25 years of activism within the Republican Party I have never seen anything so outrageous as the proposal put before the people of Michigan on the upcoming May 5th ballot.
It is a new low for Republican lawmakers. The policies are left-wing liberalism on steroids. The politics — exploiting a crisis for massive unrelated spending increases — are utterly shameful.
And yet, even if the proposal is rejected — especially if it is narrowly rejected — it will    take a continuing effort to ensure that whatever "Plan B" road funding plan is concocted by state lawmakers contains no other kind of tax hike.
That's why Concerned Taxpayers of Michigan is fighting on two fronts.    We must act now to stop these tax schemes in either scenario.
If approved by Michigan voters on May 5th, Proposal 1 will enact the largest combined tax increase in Michigan since the state income tax was introduced in 1967.
Most of that comes from raising the state sales tax from 6% to 7%, the second-highest rate in America. But there's much more.
Proposal 1 would restructure the gas tax for an estimated immediate    ten cent per gallon increase, and from then on increasing with inflation —    with taxes on gas for off-road vehicles like boats and agricultural equipment doubled .  
And the vehicle registration fee increase would not only raise the taxes you pay on every vehicle you own: it actually increases the federal taxes Michigan residents would pay to the I.R.S. by over $100 million a year!  
All told, that's    about $2 billion in new taxes: $200 for every man, woman, and child in    Michigan, every year.  $800 for a family of    four.
And yet, these massive tax hikes are only the tip of the iceberg that is Proposal 1. 
Most voters don't know — and won't know when they vote — that Proposal 1 is actually a legislative package of ten bills, plus a constitutional amendment, totaling over 46,000 words. 
That's a bill the length of a novel... reduced to 100 words on the ballot that make no mention of the special-interest goodies buried in the   legislation. 
Hidden deep inside Proposal 1 are affirmative action rules for road contracts, $116 million a year for public transit, subsidies for reading programs, and much more.  It's a mess of unrelated bills tied together to bring various interests on board. 
And  although it is mentioned on the ballot, most voters don't know that "increasing the Earned Income Tax Credit" means "$260 million a year in wealth redistribution."
Outrageously, voters are told that all this is necessary... for road maintenance!
In the first year, less than a quarter of the new tax revenue would even go to fixing our roads!
It sounds almost too ridiculous to believe.
Voters are being asked to condone and participate in the very things citizens of every political affiliation loathe in our lawmakers:
   • Combining unrelated bills into one package for political convenience, to get the support of various interests;
   • Voting on enormously complex legislation without reading it to "find out what's in it";
   • Turning public servants into taxpayer-funded lobbyists with the promise of bigger budgets in their future;
   • Passing a hastily thrown-together package in a supposed “emergency” caused by lawmakers' own failure to lead.
But the special interests and politicians in Lansing are determined to pull off their tax-and-spend scheme, and they have the massive war chest to identify and turn out voters in a big way.
Public opinion polls show Proposal 1's support is sliding... but the results on May 5 will be determined by turnout, and the other side has superior resources to mobilize voters. 
We must do everything possible to maximize turnout on May 5.
Concerned Taxpayers of Michigan has been fighting at the forefront of the effort against Proposal 1 since the beginning of the year, and we're seeing real progress toward victory on May 5.
We framed the issue early on.  Nobody was describing Proposal 1 as a ten-bill, 46,000-word package until we fired off a news release back in February demanding the Board of State Canvassers adopt ballot language describing every  policy contained in the proposal.
We worked successfully in Lansing to get the best ballot language possible that exposes the myriad aspects of the proposal and got much more descriptive language than we might have otherwise. 
We provided to hundreds of volunteers the lists of highest-priority voters to reach and defeat Proposal 1 at their own voting precincts. 
You can get the list of these voters in your neighborhood at this l...)
We undermined the false narrative that "it's tax increases or broken roads" by working with lawmakers to introduce legislation to remove roads from the "hostage negotiations" and ensure they are funded one way or the other.
We have prominently debated the "yes" side: in person and across the media.
And, we have exposed the hypocrisy of the heavy-handed scare tactics employed by the lobbyists pushing for these tax increases.
We are going to continue to fight, all the way through May 5, to win every vote possible against Proposal 1. 
Not only do we need to defeat these massive tax increases on May 5... we need the largest margin of victory possible.
Because if we do defeat Proposal 1, the fight will not be over. 
One way or another, Michigan's roads urgently need repairs.  That much is not in controversy.
If Proposal 1 is defeated, the legislature will immediately look at options to fix roads.  It will be viewed as an emergency.
That's why we must insist — right now — that "Plan B" include no tax increases, and fund roads within the current budget.
There is precedent for this.  Last December, the state House passed a plan to fix roads without any tax increases, simply by prioritizing new spending increases. 
Michigan's state budget has increased $4.7 billion in just the past three years.  It's utterly absurd that they cannot find $1.2 billion in funding to fix the roads.
Please take a moment right now to sign the Concerned Taxpayers of Michigan letter to lawmakers insisting they pass a plan on May 6 to fund roads with NO tax increases:
Click here to tell your representatives in Lansing: "If Proposal 1 is defeated on May 5, act immediately to fix roads with NO tax increases."
Concerned Taxpayers of Michigan is fighting to protect Michigan from tax increases. 
We must defeat Proposal 1 on May 5
And we must ensure that when the election is over, we move quickly to resolve this manufactured "crisis" without tax hikes. 
Please join us in this fight. http://paracom.paramountcommunication...
And if you haven't already done so, please take a moment to send a message to Lansing.
A Proposal 1 defeat is a mandate from the voters to raise no taxes to fix our roads. 
Click here to send a message to Lansing that you are watching and e...
Thanks for your attention in this urgent matter.
For prosperity in Michigan,
[Image: Rep McMillin's signature]
Tom McMillin
Michigan State Representative (ret.)

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Safe Roads? Yes! Follow Michigan Campaign Law? "Or Naw?"

Photo by David Yardley After He Finds An Illegal Sign From "Safe Roads YES!"

By Brandon Hall
(Email him at WestMiPolitics@Gmail.com)

Follow Michigan Campaign Finance Law? Ain't nobody got time for that.

The group responsible for pushing Proposal 1, "Safe Roads Yes," is going onto property without the permission of the owner, subsequently placing signs that are illegal, as they do not display the proper disclosure identifying who paid for them.

David Yardley of Berrien County posted about the signs yesterday in a Facebook statement, asking people to report them if seen. Yardley also points out the portion of Michigan law the sign violates:

"The Safe Roads YES campaign is up to more tricks and deceit with their campaign. Now they are placing ILLEGAL signs in random locations without the owners permission. What makes them illegal? They lack a disclaimer statement, so you have no clue who paid for them.

If you see these signs call your local clerk, road commission or police department and use the language below to explain these signs lack a disclaimer and tell them these signs need to be removed immediately!

Appendix J of the Michigan Campaign Finance Act clearly states the IDENTIFICATION REQUIREMENTS of all signs and other campaign materials. The Act requires all paid advertisements having reference to an election, a candidate or a ballot question to contain an identification statement and, if applicable, a disclaimer statement. 

The identification must be clear to the reader or listener and worded as follows: 

All printed matter having reference to a candidate, election or a ballot question, including yard signs, brochures, billboards, poll cards, fund raiser tickets, stationery, etc., must contain: “Paid for by” followed by the full name of the person or committee paying for the material and the person’s or committee’s street number or post office box, city or town, state and zip code."

Perhaps they don't want Michiganders to look up the big money that funds the group pushing Prop 1?

Stay tuned...

See also:

>>>School Children Make Nice Targets: DISGUSTING "Safe Roads YES!" Propaganda TERRORIZES Michiganders

Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.
>>>Email him at WestMiPolitics@Gmail.com 

School Children Make Nice Targets: DISGUSTING "Safe Roads YES!" Propaganda TERRORIZES Michiganders

By Brandon Hall
(Email him at WestMiPolitics@Gmail.com)

>>>With "Safe Roads YES!" losing by 30% in most polls less than a week before the election, they are beyond desperate.

Now, they are utilizing a playbook that would make San Francisco's infamous "Zodiac Killer" proud.

The group, promoting a $2 billion tax increase, the largest in fifty years,only roughly half of which goes to roads, has rigged up a school bus as if an f-ing bridge has fallen on top of it! They are currently taking the bus to towns all across the state in an attempt to scare the living hell out of Michiganders. 

It's terrorism dressed in a suit, and legally funded. It's obviously not as violent as what we typically associate with terror-it's a sinister, more subliminal/psychological type... Jeez! #FirstWorldProblems

(Of note: Terrorism: the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, especially for political purposes)

A drawing of a bomb placed to blow up a school bus sent to local media by the "Zodiac Killer"

Using kids to generate fear and headlines is nothing new. 

The Bay Area's "Zodiac Killer," a serial killer who terrorized the San Francisco region in the late 60's and 70's, killed at least 7 people and wrote letters to local media about those murders. (Check out the movie Zodiac, fascinating case) 

Kids who see that bus be like...

One of his favorite things to do in those communications? Threaten school kids by shooting at them, and/or bombing their bus. He brought the issue up many times in letters to the media because it generated so much press attention and fear throughout the area.

"School children make nice targets I think I shall wipe out a school bus some morning just shoot out the front tire + pick off the kiddies as they come bouncing out," he wrote in one letter.

Safe Roads YES! is trying to shift the conversation as voters prepare to head to the polls. They also want to energize their base.That's why they dragged the circus to towns across Michigan this week with these horrendous scare tactics they think will fool Michiganders and change the trajectory of the entire debate.

Don't let them-don't be fooled.

Prop 1 supporters laugh as their bus of terror sits at a campaign stop

Opponents blasted the outrageous move. According to MLIve:

"Paul Mitchell, a Saginaw-area businessman and chairman of the prominent opposition group, Coalition Against Higher Taxes and Special Interest Deals, said he doesn't understand why advocates for the proposal aren't explaining where all the money is going.

"I believe it's time for the 'Yes' campaign to move beyond scare tactics and misinformation," he said, adding that funds from Proposal 1 will also be spent on items beyond road repair.""

Paul Mitchell, left, with fellow Prop 1 opponent State Rep. Lee Chatfield, center, as they talk to MLive's Jonathon Oosting (Photo by Darlene Dowling Thompson)

Just remember 10 things about Prop 1:

1. Largest tax increase in 50 years...

2. Will be a defacto doubling of the gas tax from 19 cents to 41 cents...

3. Will also be an increase in the sales tax, from 6% to 7%...

4. Passed at 5:30 in the morning the week before Christmas, the last vote of "lame duck"...

5. Only 60% goes to roads, and of that, 10% is actually for mass transit and other related things...

6. Multiple alternatives have been discussed and even introduced in the legislature by Representatives Courser and Gamrat, as well as State Sen. Patrick Colbeck...

 7. Safe Roads YES! entirely funded by people who will benefit off this, or something else going on in Lansing...

8. Safe Roads Yes will outspend all 4 "no" groups combined 40:1, over $11 million at the end of the day to around $300,000...

9. Schools and local governments are worthwhile, but to latch them on to a road package is irresponsible and not at all being brought up by Prop 1 proponents. And we have money in the budget for a new Senate building for Meekhof-$134 million, the Hollywood tax credits Bill Huizenga was instrumental in starting-$50 million/ year, and billions in corporate welfare-$12 billion total liability for MEGA credits alone, yet none for roads? Shady. Not to mention tons of counties across Michigan have recently passed road taxes at the County level!

10. The disgusting fear tactics of Safe Roads YES! are beyond the pale. They are also going onto property without permission and posting signs that violate Michigan law because they do not disclose the group as the entity who paid for the sign...

It's time to make Lansing listen. It's time to send Arlan Meekhof and the people who claimed, pre-election, that they were against tax increases and big government, to do the job they were elected to do and PROMISED to do. Prop 1 simply does not fulfill that obligation, to be charitable.

On May 5th, you can be heard loud and clear from every corner of Pure Michigan: Lansing, we've had ENOUGH. I mean, this bus stunt?! Like, for real, how stupid do they think we are?

Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.
>>>Email him at WestMiPolitics@Gmail.com 

Holland, Mich.

I take issue with the worst practices used by MDOT and our county road commissions that have created the deplorable state of our roads.

Chemicals and slurries used as de-icing agents are a problem. Liquid chloride, magnesium chloride and magnesium sulfide are applied to lower the freezing point of water. These chemicals suspend in water, travel further between layers of asphalt and deeper into the roadbed. The chemicals drop out of suspension. Water freezes deeper in the roadbed, creating more potholes and shortening the lifespan of our roadbeds. Liquid chlorides and magnesium compounds are severely corrosive. As a result, our cars look like mid-’70s vintage Chryslers. The chemicals travel deeper into the road bed, penetrate into and corrode the re-bar and steel structures of our bridges. This prematurely causes our infrastructure to fail.

County road commissions and MDOT plow trucks should be held to the same weight formulas that Michigan commercial vehicles are held to. Michigan weight formula restricts single-drive axles to 18,000 pounds and tandems to 32,000 pounds. Plow trucks routinely put over 24,000 pounds on single axles and over 40,000 pounds on tandems. This overloading is damages our roads — 6,000- and 8,000-pound overloads are not tolerated in commercial vehicles. Overloading should not be tolerated in public service vehicles either.

I am advocating using natural resources plentiful in Michigan to de-ice roads and provide traction. Using a basic sand/salt mix will increase the longevity of our roadbeds. Salt and sand are solids that are less likely to suspend in runoff. Our waterways and surface waters are less likely to become polluted. Road commission and MDOT plow trucks should comply with the same weight laws that all commercial trucks must comply with. Labor and fuel costs will be higher during plow season. These costs will more than be offset by reduced road-building costs and less costly materials. Our counties and MDOT can ask for more funds after they stop destroying the roads that we fund.

Justin Burie

Holland Township

With the big election just three days away, I have to look back in amazement at how much time, talent, and treasure so many you have contributed to the defeat of Proposal 1.

It is truly touching, and you all have my sincere and heartfelt thanks for everything you have done to inform the public about Proposal 1 and to mobilize voters.

Whether it was knocking on doors, or picking up the phone, and speaking to voters directly...

Or spreading the word about Proposal 1 with email and social media...

Or writing the letters so many of you have submitted to your local newspaper (and thank you too for sharing those with us)...

Or painstakingly addressing postcards to voters in your community, and mailing them at your personal expense...

Or working in your local party committee, grassroots group, or other organization to pass resolutions opposing Proposal 1...

Or organizing community events to inform your neighbors about the proposal...

Or anything else you have done to contribute to the effort in your own way...

It's all been absolutely tremendous, and an honor for me to have been a part of this effort.

Thank you most of all to each of our donors, who in doing so not only made a contribution to the effort, but placed their trust in our organization to use that money wisely.  

That is a trust I hold sacred in my heart.

Thank you all for making our GOTV program possible (we did reach our goal), for enabling us to produce and air radio ads, for chipping in for the cost of printing and mailing eye-catching postcards, for allowing us to run our web and email program to reach voters all across Michigan, and for providing us a full-time managed campaign. 

If all of your hard work pays off, and the proposal goes down in flames on Tuesday, I don't doubt the chatterboxes in the major media will claim the proposal was doomed from the get-go.  

But the fact is, reaching over a million voters across 58,000 square miles of land to make our case was a colossal undertaking.  

And all the while, we were outspent almost 60 to 1 on the issue by the opposing side, and competing against a cacophony of politicians, pundits, and PR operatives telling voters to accept tax hikes as the only way to repair our roads.

We could not have come this far without all of you.

And we will not stop until the election is over.

As we've said all along, polls are not to be trusted, and in fact, the latest poll actually showed an uptick in support for Proposal 1.  

And even if the odds are in our favor, it's just as important to win by the best margin possible to show a real mandate for fixing our roads without any other kind of tax increase.

We have just three days left before Tuesday.  

Please, if you can, continue to do what you are doing to defeat Proposal 1.  

Now most of all, it's important to remind voters to turn out and vote on May 5.

Our phone call reminder going out to hundreds of thousands of likely voters will definitely help.  

But there's nothing more effective than a phone call from someone a voter knows personally to ensure they do not fail to vote on Tuesday.  

Again, thank you all so much for everything you have done to help make Michigan a better, more prosperous place to live, work, and raise a family.  

If we prevail on Election Day, it will be thanks to all of your hard work and support.  

We couldn't do it without you.  

Thanks for everything you do,
[Image: Tom McMillin's signature]
Tom McMillin
Michigan State Representative (ret.)

Paid for by Concerned Taxpayers of Michigan, PO Box 211, Milan MI 48160

Once this goes down to Defeat...

going down to defeat!

Conservative Republicans: NO - on Principles!

Liberal : NO - anti-Snyder Partisan reasons!

... be sure to call your Legislator and demand that REPEAL OF PREVAILING WAGE be part of the new Roads plan!

Letter I am immediately sending to all my Local newspapers now that we know Proposal 1 is being TROUNCED...

Now that Proposal 1 has been TROUNCED, as we knew it would be - It is time for the MILeg and MIGov to concentrate on JUST fixing the broken Roads, NOT more $$$ for "Transportation Fund" and all the excess it entails. NO MORE GENERAL FUNDING TAX INCREASES... Our Roads, like our Schools, need REAL REFORMS not just more money thrown at them and Patrick Colbeck and a few other Legislators are the only ones demanding we look at how and for what we spend our money on to Fix Michigan Roads. Many in Lansing, Government's in general, only solution to anything is a TAX INCREASE! It's time for Government to actually review and FIX AN ACTUAL PROBLEM rather than just throw money at it. The Governor, and far too many Legislators, want to put money into the General Transportation Fund; which would mean more money on Bike Paths, Road Landscaping, and yet more diverted to subsidize Mass-transit also; whereas those I support want more money to go to ONLY FIXING BROKEN ROADS (and not even toward more new Roads), for which the Price-tag is actually far less. 


Joseph Lenard

Wyandotte, MI

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