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Dear Rattle With Us members and other friends. 
As you probably already know, Michigan's Legislature and Governor have decided to try and raise the Sales Tax as their current answer to fixing Michigan's crumbling roads. That requires, as Sales Tax amount is capped by MI-Constitution, a vote of the People. That election is on May 5th, but we cannot wait until it is right upon us. There is only a few months of opportunity to influence the outcome of that Election. What follows are a couple of Sample letters. You can, of course, take an opposing view if you choose...
Write to Newspapers and/or Websites: share your thoughts on Michigan Roads and how you feel monies should be raised/allocated to that end....
DISCLAIMER: RWUW Group is meant to inspire folks to write on any and all issues, PRO OR CON! Any "sample" Letter is strictly the opinion of the Author and (again) provided in hopes of inspiring you to also get involved with writing a Letter To Editor (or respond to a blog on a website) yourself and may or may not be necessarily endorsed by RWU leadership.... 
For info on where to write local Publications see: http://rattlewithus.ning.com/page/writing-contacts
and always, see Rattle With Us TEA Party site homepage: http://rattlewithus.ning.com/
FROM OUR FRIENDS AT RetakeOurGov info@RetakeOurGov.com:
Results from the first poll indicate that an informed public will vote against the Snyder Sales Tax proposal. However, uniformed voters support the tax.
If you want a responsible road funding plan that doesn’t increase our sales tax by 16.7% then it is up to you to start informing your friends and neighbors. Absentee ballots for the May 5 vote will likely be mailed out two months from now, in early April.
(Note: Governor Snyder wants to increase your sales tax from 6% to 7%. Supporters of the Snyder tax call this a 1% increase but in fact it is a 16.7% increase. Additionally, one-third of the money generated by this tax increase doesn’t even go to roads. Among other things, it goes towards an increase in welfare payments.)
Write a letter to the editor and we’ll post it on our website.
Did you know that Letters to the Editor are the third most read section of the newspaper? Only the sports page and comics rank higher in popularity than Letters to the Editor. Every activist needs to get into the habit of writing letters to the editor of their local paper, as this is the best way to deliver your message to citizens who are not directly involved in the conservative movement. Please contact us if you need help in developing your letter writing skills or letter writing strategy.)
Russ Spencer of Tyrone Township wrote a letter opposing the sales tax increase. His letter was published in the Sunday edition of the Livingston Daily and we posted a link to his letter on our website. By writing his letter, Mr. Spencer informs thousands of readers about the details of the Snyder Tax.
Everyone who is acquainted with the auto industry and most of the private sector knows that hard times lead to reduced revenues. When that happens, all department managers are required to use their creativity and courage to find ways to reduce spending to correct for that.
In my career, I have been required to make several 5 percent to 10 percent painful departmental cuts for up to three years in a row. I once complained and was assured "you are not being required to work harder, only smarter."
The state of Michigan has a $52 billion budget and needs $1.2 billion to fix roads. If all departments were required to trim by a paltry one-time 2 percent, the problem would be solved. Instead we are faced with a typical public sector solution; increase the sales tax by 17 percent!
Now the state budgeting bureaucrats have underestimated the amount of corporate tax credits and caused a $440 million shortfall. We are told this will be met by cutting services. That's like a car company faced with such difficulties deciding to sell fewer cars.
Now is the time for our state bureaucrats to exercise some creativity and courage and do the kind of belt-tightening that people who live in the real world have to.
Russell Spencer
Tyrone Township
A letter published in the Livingston Daily
Our movement needs more people like Mr. Spencer! Letters to the Editor reach more people than just those on your email list. Letters to the Editor reach the general population who are likely not as well informed as you, the conservative activist.
Please take the time to write your own letter opposing the Snyder Tax. You’ll help influence public opinion and hold Lansing accountable. Here are some talking points to consider including in your letter.
Thanks for all you do!
Here's a another letter:

NO MORE GENERAL FUNDING TAX INCREASES... Our Roads, like our Schools, need REAL REFORMS not just more money thrown at them and Patrick Colbeck and a few other Legislators are the only ones demanding we look at how and for what we spend our money on to Fix Michigan Roads. Many in Lansing, Government's in general, only solution to anything is a TAX INCREASE! It's time for Government to actually review and FIX AN ACTUAL PROBLEM rather than just throw money at it. The Governor, and far too many Legislators, want to put money into the General Transportation Fund; which would mean more money on Bike Paths, Road Landscaping, and yet more diverted to subsidize Mass-transit also; whereas those I support want more money to go to ONLY FIXING BROKEN ROADS (and not even toward more new Roads), for which the Price-tag is actually far less. Also, the 16.7% increase (from 6 cents to 7 cents, putting MI equal with others at the second highest and slowing/harming Michigan's ComebackState initiatives) does NOT just go to roads; it's a (belated) Christmas tree filled with ornaments to help get more folks to help pass it - even adding 50 Million to the General Fund that Legislators can dream up new things to waste it on!  I would vote YES to a half/cent increase if that money was strictly allocated to fixing roads and nothing else, but for May 5 I am a NO VOTE! FIX IT, DON'T DEMAGOGUE IT! 
Joseph Martin Lenard (@JLenardDetroit)
Wyandotte, MI 48192-4115

When/Where we have to entirely replace Bridges, how about we focus on putting in a "functional" Bridge to deal with Traffic rather than things that seem to focus more on being a Modern Art display!?!?
You may, in your letter, want to touch on the fact how we just recently raised the Minimum Wage in Michigan adding costs to businesses and potentially causing inflation as businesses; strapped for cash; have to pass that along in increased pricing. Adding/increasing the Sales Tax, also and on top of that, hurts Michigan's ability to attract people/businesses and keeping Michigan's ComebackState status!


@MichCapCon reports: State Revenue Increasing by $640 Million

DEMAND the Michigan Legislature and Governor use THAT $$$ for the Roads repair funding!!!


Be sure to see the comments section as others provide additional details/facts....

Governor Snyder has come up with a new hastag: #Blueprint4America, variation/escalation of/from #ComebackState, because he is considering a POTUS run. Sorry Rick, but RAISING TAXES is NOT a Blueprint for Michigan or America. The #Blueprint4America is Scott Walker in Wisconsin who has won 3 elections in 4 years time in a solid Blue (Michigan is still somewhat Purple-ish) State, and has directly taken on the Left at every turn while you cozy up to Democrats!

Senator PJColbeck on why he is Voted NO for the Sales Tax increase initiative

Paul Mitchell @SayNoOnProp1 on "OFF the Record"

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As you are preparing to go out to #4thOfJuly Parades, be sure you know which Politicians to praise (the few that stood with #Michigan taxpayers):

From the House: http://garyglenn.us \\ http://cindygamrat.com \\ http://lanatheis.com \\ http://toddcourser.com \\ (didn't see website for Tom Barrett - Ph: 5173730853) \\ http://peterjlucido.com \\ http://runwithrunestad.com \\ http://tomhooker.com

From the Senate: Jack BRANDENBURG (R-Harrison Twp.), Patrick COLBECK (R-Canton), Mike GREEN (R-Mayville), Dave HILDENBRAND (R-Lowell), Joe HUNE (R-Hamburg), Phil PAVLOV (R-St. Clair), John PROOS (R-St. Joseph), David ROBERTSON (R-Grand Blanc) and Tory ROCCA (R-Sterling Heights).

And, of course, any new-combers that are gearing up to run against those that voted for the Tax increases.

Walk/March with the folks above in the Parades.... Please DO NOT  walk/march anywhere near any of those that betrayed us!

Next time you run into your House/Senate/Party member....
Challenge them.... We said HELL NO to Tax increase on May 5th voting down Proposal 1... He/she will dance around it... I challenged nearby Rep (I live with a DUMBocrat Rep, so I have to work/deal with neighboring House/Senate GOP Reps) who voted against Prop1 but went ahead and voted for the Gas Tax increases of the recent Cotter plan/Bills (#'s 4614-4616) and he hemmed and hawed and never even did admit that he voted for them. You have to call him/her on it directly. "WHY DID YOU VOTE TO TIE GAS TAXES TO INFLATION CREATING NEVER ENDING TAX INCREASES" and keep pressing as he/she tries to dodge and deflect! The Tax Increases started off as just a few Million of a TRILLION DOLLAR package - so small as to not even be needed. The key, that few Million will continue to grow and grow and grow every year due to inflation w/o them ever to have to vote for that tax increase in the future. They, of course, "cut" the "cuts" and increased the Tax increases ever higher to be an ever growing portion of the Roads package!

related: https://www.facebook.com/notes/your-defending-fathers/taxpayers-uni...

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