Should Michigan continue to subsidize Hollywood Profits?

Dear Rattle With Us Writers Group and other Friends....
With the ongoing fight to fund Roads repairs rather than rely on May 5 Tax increase, the Films Program is again in the Legislative spot-light. Do you fully support, partially support (at a lower rate, or perhaps by DEMANDING a $1/fee per Movie ticket sold in Michigan in order for Movies/Films to support such a related subsidy?!?!), or want the Program completely eliminated once-and-for-all?!?! ...
Write to YOUR STATE REPRESENTATIVES, Newspapers, Websites, and/or FORWARD to your friends/family/neighbors: share your thoughts on Films Program and how you feel monies should be raised/allocated/or-reallocated-from to that end....
DISCLAIMER: RWUW Group is meant to inspire folks to write on any and all issues, PRO OR CON! Any "sample" Letter is strictly the opinion of the Author and (again) provided in hopes of inspiring you to also get involved with writing a Letter To Editor (or respond to a blog on a website) yourself and may or may not be necessarily endorsed by RWU leadership.... 


We are NOT providing any Sample letter with this mailing (be sure to check the comments section of the website version of this notice for updates). Instead, we invite you take place in a WLNS (Lansing TV) Poll on the topic (and, if you choose, you can add to the discussion there (as you will see that I did) as well as sending a LTE):
See the Roads discussions: comment section, page 2, to find a Letter from State Representative Todd Courser who suggests the Films Program "should" be eliminated to help Fund the Roads Projects instead! And, as always, keep an eye on the Comments/Reply section of this page for responses providing updates and/or other related information.

Which, again... Any "sample" Letter, PRO or CON, is strictly the opinion of the Author and (again) provided in hopes of inspiring you to also get involved with writing, agree or disagree, a Letter To Editor (or respond to a blog on a website) yourself and may or may not be necessarily endorsed by RWU leadership....

For a detailed piece on Movies and Hollywood, see:
For info on where to write local Publications see:
and always, see Rattle With Us TEA Party site homepage:

What follows is a Trailer for a film: "A GIRL LIKE HER" which was, in large part, only allowed to be made due to the Michigan Film Program. It is an important piece about a Girl that commits suicide due to being bullied. Personally, I would not mind some of my tax dollars going to such an important Project (or ones like "Somewhere In Time" that highlight PureMichigan locations) - but, but, but... most of what oue money goes to is NOT this type of piece/Project but to just help line the pockets of large films makers.
Anyone/Everyone with Teen, or even Pre-Teen, Children should take them to see this film! MORE:

Joseph Martin Lenard (@JLenardDetroit)
RWU Writers Group CoChair

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If you follow me on Twitter: @JLenardDetroit you know I go to the Movies a lot and tweet out reviews (or you can see my Movies piece here at RWU: (updated regularly)). Therefore I do like the Program, as I like to see as much of Michigan highlighted when/where possible (some movies do that, others don't, and subsidies should be based (from "Pure Michigan" advertising benefit) upon that)! HOWEVER, this should NOT come at the expense of the deteriorated Roads. IF the Michigan legislature is to keep the Program, it should be funded by adding a .25, .50, or $1 per Movie ticket sold in Michigan method!!! Let movies, and those who go see them, subsidize the Films! PERIOD!!! Instead, of course, these things (often) go unquestioned/unchallenged at Budget time and the usual excuse of Police, Fire, ROADS, etc... are used as the only HAMMER TO EXTORT MORE TAX REVENUE from Citizens!

House Bill 4122, Terminate state film producer subsidies: Passed 58 to 51 in the House

To repeal the program that gives state subsidies to film producers (for which $50 million was appropriated this year). Also, to require any leftover money go to reimburse state pension funds for losses incurred under deal made by the previous administration to back some politically well-connected individuals’ investments in a Pontiac studio. Since 2008 nearly $500 million in state tax revenue has been distributed to producers.

37 Rep. Christne Greig D - Farmington Hills N
38 Rep. Kathy Crawford R - Novi N
39 Rep. Klint Kesto R - Commerce Twp. Y
43 Rep. Jim Tedder R - Clarkston Y
44 Rep. Jim Runestad R - White Lake Y
46 Rep. Bradford Jacobsen R - Oxford Y
66 Rep. Aric Nesbitt R - Lawton Y

SOURCE:, a free, non-partisan website created by the Mackinac Center for Public Policy, providing concise, non-partisan, plain-English descriptions of every bill and vote in the Michigan House and Senate. Please visit
Y = Yes, N = No, X = Not Voting

Three Reasons Why Michigan Should End Film Incentives

Results show the investment is not worth it

The Michigan House recently passed House Bill 4122 which would end the state’s film incentive program. The legislation now moves on to the Senate.

But Senate Majority Leader Arlan Meekhof, R-West Olive, has raised concerns about ending the subsidy. And Gov. Rick Snyder, who previously proposed eliminating the subsidies, now says he doesn’t believe ending the program abruptly is an “appropriate answer.”

So those are the obstacles standing in the path of terminating payouts to Hollywood. The good news is that it is believed most Michigan Senators want to end the subsidies. There may end up being an agreement between the branches of state government, but they should resist the temptation to merely reduce the appropriation.

The state should cut the film incentives once and for all for three simple reasons:

1. No increase in film jobs. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are fewer film jobs in the state today than when the film incentives began in 2008.

2. No permanent jobs. According to the Michigan Film Office (which distributes the subsidies), there were zero full-time jobs created from the program last year.

3. No money. According to the Senate Fiscal Agency, the incentives bring in only 11 cents on the dollar spent — a huge loss for taxpayers.

By all fair measures, the nearly $500 million devoted to the film incentive program has been a waste. It should be ended and the money redirected to better priorities.

A movie (partly) filmed in Michigan (received Film Program subsidy):

From Michigan Senator Patrick Colbeck:

It appears that the days of picking winners and losers via the state Film Credit Program are finally nearing an end. In a compromise reached between the Senate, House and Governor, the original $50M appropriation for the Film Credits will be cut to $25M for the FY16 budget. According to Gongwer News Service, "$19.1 million of the money would instead go toward covering the debt for the Raleigh studio, leaving just $5.9 million for the actual film incentives". The remaining $25M is specified as "1-Time" which is supposed to mean that it will not be promulgated in next year's budget.

EDITORS NOTE: "BUT" Patrick has also informed us of so man "1-Time" items that somehow keep getting put back in as "1-Time" items for years and years and years on end. So, if you are for or against the Film Subsidies you need to let your Representative and/or the Governor know your thoughts!

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