Michigan: Debbie Stabenow claims to want to work with Trump to "Bring Back Jobs" offers usual Liberal BAIT-AND-SWITCH Tax increase Bill

Debbie Stabenow (USSenate, D-MI) update: HILARIOUS. You can tell it's an Election Cycle for Stabenow (D-MI).
All of a sudden Debbie Stabenow wants you to believe she is for TAX CUTS / TAX INCENTIVES for Businesses to return Jobs back to the US. It is, of course, LAUGHABLE, as Miss High Taxes and even Higher Spending has ALWAYS OPPOSED any such "Business Tax Incentives for Job Creation" proposed by Republicans for DECADES!

The way to bring Jobs back from abroad is to CUT CORPORATE TAXES and EXCESSIVE REGULATIONS that were the two most key factors in why Businesses flee the US for far more Business Friendly Nations/Environments/Havens. On top of the General need for such Policy, we need a ONE TIME REPATRIATION WINDOW that would allow US Corporations abroad to return Monies Offshore to return those TRILLIONS to the US - TAX FREE which would spawn a huge Growth Period, Job creation, and boost to US GDP.

Let's be clear though - this is NOT the first time Debbie has introduced this Bill and there has been good reason why it has ALWAYS BEEN REJECTED. IT IS A SHAM. The name, as with all things Liberals do, is a misnomer (a lie). The Devil is in the details and this is NOT AN INCENTIVE TO BRING BACK JOBS but instead a carefully crafted TAX INCREASE CON-JOB that PUNISHES BUSINESSES THAT FLEE OTHER BAD LIBERAL/SOCIALIST/STABENOW POLICY rather than truly provide reasons and incentives to KEEP JOBS HERE and to BRING JOBS BACK!!!

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see: http://facebook.com/groups/thxalotdebbie
("Thanks Alot Debbie, NOT" - Replace Stabenow 2018 Group)

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