STOP TALKING, START LEGISLATING!! (That means you House Republicans)

What Republicans should be doing (THEIR JOBS - legislating) immediately in the House, rather than these BS "Debt Ceiling" discussions -- Call your favorite Conservative GOP House/Senate members and tell them directly: STOP TALKING, START LEGISLATING! and here is where to start:

    As well as cutting their Budgets by 10% also, and NO they are not the same or mutually exclusive (but people who have never run a business may never understand the distinctions). The following Departments need their Payrolls (and Budgets) immediately ordered reduced by 10% as they've had far too much time (and too large of Staff) if they could meddle where they shouldn't. EPA (Cap-And-TradeTax {Climate $cam} end around), FCC (Net Neutrality end around), HHS (Obamaocare and more), Education Dept. (No Politician's relatives left behind Dept.), Dept. of Energy (it only takes one employee to stamp APPROVED or DENIED on Permits), Commerce, Labor (NRLB), Treasury, and on and on... Also, immediately reduce any/all amounts of ANY Department that has GRANT MONEY available by 20% minimum.
  • Essential Government Services Act
    This Bill MUST be designed/developed and passed BEFORE the next Budget, Debt Ceiling, etc... crisis comes along to REMOVE any Demoncrat demagogy of the issues of what Government Services and Processes/Procedures remain in effect should (yeah right, when an eventual) GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN occur. No longer can the Democrats claim troops wouldn't be paid, because payment to them would be assured under the Act. No longer would they claim Seniors wouldn't get Social Security checks, because those being cut/sent would also be assured. Grossly reduced (say, 10% funding levels) to most Departments would be allowed to keep the Building lights on and Security Personnel to Guard them while their Staffs' would be furloughed! What else would/should be defined in such an Act?!?!
    Flat Tax reform or for those who favor the Fair Tax you need a Constitutional Amendment that Repeals Federal Govt. authority to levy an Income related Tax and replaces it with the Consumption Tax or we will land up with both just like Canada.
    Various organizations have discussed such language for decades, the different plans/approaches can/should be discussed and one chosen or many of them merged/modified to produce a reasonable Amendment.


Above is excerpt from: Rattle With Us New "Contract" = "Contrast for America" blog.

I Would be willing to support a $2 increase in Debt Ceiling limit for every $1 in real/actual 2012 Budget cuts, if... if... if.... only if... it were accompanied by actual/real Budget cuts (see: some CBO Budget numbers (fiscal 2011)) from the Fiscal 2012 Budget, not some imaginary time-frame many (over 10) years from now! There is simply no reason an immediate reduction in overall available Grant monies cannot be cut by 20% for 2012 (and any Grant monies not awarded for current Fiscal year 2011 no longer be eligible to be awarded, cut from current 2011 Budget) and all Grants prioritized next year (cut them all by 20% or just award less Grant applications, I don't care which) - no more Crab Treadmills and the like! Large amounts of CUTS suggestions of additional waste, on top of my 10% off the top, can be found at "Heritage Foundation," Citizens Against Government Waste," and etc. sites. There is no reason that any/all Departments cannot take a REAL 10% and them actually find that waste, fraud, and abuse, (always talked about, never demanded that agencies actually seek out and cut) in order for them to basically keep their operating basic functions Budget level.

Again, don't miss the point - increase in Debt Ceiling ($2 for $1) for every actual/real Budget cut for Congress' NEXT (Fiscal 2012) BUDGET - NOT the phony promises of holding future Congress' to cuts over 10 years that will never, ever, materialize!!

As always, Regards from NoMoTown (THE MOTORless CITY)
Liberals, looking to do for America what they've done to Detroit - Destroy it! Bookmark and Share

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