Every day 22 Veterans take their own Lives (but far more than Vets suffer Suicidal thoughts)

Depression and Suicide KNOW NO POLITICS and it may be far Closer to Home than you Think/Know... (original article June 2018, updated Dec 2018 following Suicide of local Celeb, Fox 2 News Detroit Meteorologist Jessica Starr)

Wow.... Two high profile Suicides KateSpade and AnthonyBordain in just a couple of days time (again, back in June of 2018), but 22 Veterans commit suicide daily (google: "Project 22")... My thoughts and Prayers go out to their Families... I've never shared this Publicly before, but in 2006 I attempted Suicide via OD on Drugs. Obviously that was not a successful attempt - as I'm still here. Every Day and every Night I still struggle/fight those feelings, so I know what they (and maybe you?) deal(t) with.

I had lost my Job and gone onto Social Security Disability in 2004, that led to Divorce, which culminated one Night in 2006 that something just snapped. Note, others' situations will obviously be different, especially our Veterans suffering PTSD, but regardless of what may seem minor to you are major catastrophe's in their mind and may lead to the same Dark Place and that Suicide is the Right Option. IT IS NOT!

For me it was almost surreal, like I wasn't even in control of myself as I took one Pill (regular Nightly dose) and then, just took another, then several, then a handful. I have no idea how much time later, I awoke in the Hospital. And, again I still, 12 years on, struggle daily with these thoughts/issues.

This is something that can afflict Male or Female, Young or Old, Rich or Poor, whatever. I hope that Spade and Bordain RIP and their Families can find "Peace" in some way going forward. Hope you will join me in Thoughts and Prayers, and if you don't mind - if you could include me in those that I can find God's Comfort and Strength I'd appreciate it.

So, Now would be a good and important time to reach out to all your Family and Friends and remind them how much you Love them and how much you appreciate them being around! You are not likely to know that someone in your circle is feeling this way. I can't speak "statistically" but only from my own circumstances/feelings, that they are likely to also feel that they cannot reach out to you - as you will not understand, or may be dismissive, or think less of them. They MAY, and why it is important for Suicide Prevention Services to advertise on TV/Radio, to reach out to a stranger/professional.

It is important to note and understand that even the most outgoing person may have these thoughts. Some of us are very good at hiding it most of the time. Look at how many Comedians have committed Suicide, often people use Humor as a deflection of their Pain or desperate attempts that in making others laugh and/or Happy can help make them feel Happy for at least some period of time and stave off some of those dark thoughts.Again, this is something I know first-hand, as I use Humor as a coping mechanism and the times I can make others laugh I can be Happy in that moment.

I do not know if sharing this will do any good, but something deep inside me felt it important to do so in the Hopes that it could/may potentially Help even one person! I was, still am, ashamed and therefore unwilling to talk about (or put in print) this before now. I'm still rather uncertain about my decision to do so, but I feel it important that if there is even the chance I can Help one other person through reaching out with this then it is the right thing to do.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
Call 1-800-273-8255 -- 1-800-273-TALK
Crisis Text Line: text TALK to 741741

WHAT YOU MUST RECOGNIZE, OR NEED TO IMPART ON SOMEONE ELSE THAT MAY BE FEELING SUICIDAL - EVERY LIFE HAS VALUE.... If it is YOU having Suicidal thoughts, or you know someone having them, share all this with them. Don't let them DISMISS YOU, as they are likely to do, with the EXCUSE THAT YOU CAN'T KNOW WHAT IT IS LIKE AND WHAT THEY ARE GOING THRU.... Share MY STORY... I am sharing how I have been there.... I know... Don't let them believe the LIES and DARK THOUGHTS that nobody cares and Nobody Loves them - it is not true.... I still fight those LIES, DARK THOUGHTS, DEMONS, daily, and they will have to too... They may not see or recognize the VALUE AND IMPORTANCE THEIR LIFE HAS - But it does have value and importance --- just that your Mind is trying to insist it isn't true does NOT make it true!! Again, I have been there, still struggle, I CAN/DO RELATE! Just cuz you don't see it daily or hear it from folks daily, you are appreciated and may be making a very positive impact on others Lives that you just don't recognize.

Let us use by way of example the Movie almost everyone has seen: It's A Wonderful Life. In the Dramatic portrayal the main character is shown and brought to recall how he had it not been for his intervention a Pharmacist would have caused the Death of a Patient by administering a wrong Drug. That, clearly, is a dramatic impact. That, of course, was/is a Movie! In REAL LIFE the influence and impact that people have on others lives may be infinitely more subtle! It may even be INDIRECT! The influence and impact that one person has on another may then influence and/or impact another that may then have major impact on Human Life as a whole! I hesitate to use another Movie reference of The ButterFly Effect, but it is an actual commonly accepting phenom in scientific circles - as that Movie used very drastic dramatic effects to make the ButterFly Effect point, and again which may be far more SUBTLE actions in REAL LIFE and still result in profound effect over time or when expounded upon in additional influences/impacts projected outward!

Again, every Life has meaning and value and the influence(s) and/or impact(s) each and every person has may not be easily recognized or easily measured, but the importance and cumulative effects - DRAMATIC NONE-THE-LESS AND FACTUAL! Do NOT let the negative thoughts ROB YOU OF THAT UNDERSTANDING and the positive impacts you (or your need to impart to someone else with such thoughts) have upon the overall cumulative positive effects upon Society! I don't wish to over-dramatize, but at the same time NOT UNDERPLAY, the impact that small thoughts shared with others may play, that is shared with another, and another, that may lead to someone else that has major/dramatic effect/impact on MANY MORE PEOPLES LIVES (without going into any speculative conjecture on what they may do/accomplish in Life - that you indirectly played an important role/part in - that would NOT occur without you/them)!

It does not matter if the PAIN is Physical, Emotional, or Both, you must try to be as understanding as possible and offer whatever help you can even if it is to ADMIT you cannot help them but you'll be willing to try and Help them find the Help they do need.

It is one thing losing someone to Disease (especially quick onset at early age) as we can fight that, though may ultimately lose that battle, and have some time (even if brief moments) to help deal with that inevitableness. However, the loss of someone (or YOU just dropping from others' Lives w/o warning) is something your Friends and Family are likely to NEVER be able to process and get over. Constantly having to LIVE with the notions of Why didn't we notice? Is there anything we could have or should have done? YOU are NOT doing those around you "A FAVOR" like those demons in your Head may be trying to convince you!



WAAM Radio (AM 1600 Ann Arbor MI) THE DRIFT Radio Show - #SUICIDE PREVENTION SHOW (060918,AUDIO) - http://thedailydrift.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/Upload-Drift-06...


WAAM  Radio (AM 1600 Ann Arbor MI) - #MomentOfClarity Radio Show - TEEN SUICIDE PREVENTION SHOW (100519,AUDIO) - https://www.dropbox.com/s/doanscqtuz9zfbi/WAAMMomentOfClarityTeenSu...

Back to Veterans again, reach out:

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Thank you Gary Wellings and Ed Bonderenka for covering the important issue of the Suicide epidemic....

A very important "The Drift" Radio Show....

The Suicide epidemic and more (AUDIO): https://www.spreaker.com/user/gmwellings/the-drift-060918


From FaceBook - h/t: Joan Colosimo

Suicide Prevention Hotline 800-273-8255, Veterans press 1
Confidential chat @ VeteransCrisisLine.net or text 838255
Veteran to Veteran Assistance: call or text 888-777-4443
Crisis counselor chat text 741741
National Call Center for Homeless Veterans 877-4AID-VET (424-3838)
VA's Caregiver Support Line 855-260-3274

I have been in the works with PASTOR RICK DEITERING (WAAM Radio ("Moment of Clarity" Show Sat's 2pm (Listen Live via WAAMRadio.com))) to put together a Charity Fundraiser (that will become annual WAAM telethon) for SUICIDE PREVENTION (in conjunction with American Foundation for Prevention of Suicide Michigan Chapter (https://afsp.org/chapter/afsp-michigan/)) that will likely Air (via WAAM, FacebookLive, and any other delivery method we can work out) sometime starting Spring 2020 (so I am right now working toward this event to raise funds for others in need that I will be hoping you may be Charitable toward when the time comes)!

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