Depression and Suicide KNOW NO POLITICS and it may be far Closer to Home than you Think/Know...

Wow.... Two high profile Suicides KateSpade and AnthonyBordain, but 22 Veterans commit suicide daily (google: "Project 22") in just a couple of Days... My thoughts and Prayers go out to their Families... I've never shared this Publicly before, but in 2006 I attempted Suicide via OD on Drugs. Obviously that was not a successful attempt - as I'm still here. Every Day and every Night I still struggle/fight those feelings, so I know what they (and maybe you?) deal(t) with.

I had lost my Job and gone onto Social Security Disability in 2004, that led to Divorce, which culminated one Night in 2006 that something just snapped. Note, others' situations will obviously be different, especially our Veterans suffering PTSD, but regardless of what may seem minor to you are major catastrophe's in their mind and may lead to the same Dark Place and that Suicide is the Right Option. IT IS NOT!

For me it was almost surreal, like I wasn't even in control of myself as I took one Pill (regular Nightly dose) and then, just took another, then several, then a handful. I have no idea how much time later, I awoke in the Hospital. And, again I still, 12 years on, struggle daily with these thoughts/issues.

This is something that can afflict Male or Female, Young or Old, Rich or Poor, whatever. I hope that Spade and Bordain RIP and their Families can find "Peace" in some way going forward. Hope you will join me in Thoughts and Prayers, and if you don't mind - if you could include me in those that I can find God's Comfort and Strength I'd appreciate it.

So, Now would be a good and important time to reach out to all your Family and Friends and remind them how much you Love them and how much you appreciate them being around! You are not likely to know that someone in your circle is feeling this way. I can't speak "statistically" but only from my own circumstances/feelings, that they are likely to also feel that they cannot reach out to you - as you will not understand, or may be dismissive, or think less of them. They MAY, and why it is important for Suicide Prevention Services to advertise on TV/Radio, to reach out to a stranger/professional.

I do not know if sharing this will do any good, but something deep inside me felt it important to do so in the Hopes that it could/may potentially Help even one person!

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
Call 1-800-273-8255


And, if you could be so kind, as to consider Helping me out:


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Thank you Gary Wellings and Ed Bonderenka for covering the important issue of the Suicide epidemic....

A very important "The Drift" Radio Show....

The Suicide epidemic and more (AUDIO):

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