Trump continues (LIBERAL) Import Tariffs (Tax Increases on Americans) and Trade/Tariffs War now doubles down with (LIBERAL) BIG GOVT BAILOUTS (Corporate Welfare)

Trump again repeats - we lost $817B in Trade... And due to his Liberal Tariffs/Trade War wants to institute more LIBERAL policy of growing Govt, borrowing more money from China as he grows the Deficit/Debt, by calling for MORE SPENDING by issuing $12B in MORE WELFARE (subsidies for Farmers this time, but who/what is next?)....

It is purely a Liberal/Socialist construct to try and pretend that FREE TRADE and/or FAIR TRADE somehow means EQUAL TRADE/OUTCOMES (which, unfortunately far too many of my great Conservative Friends are falling prey to)!

Just as the Left twists the notion of FREEDOM and EQUAL RIGHTS as somehow guaranteeing EQUAL OUTCOMES Far too many SUPPOSED CONSERVATIVES fall for this Liberal Socialist EQUAL OUTCOMES nonsense... As they say in the GEICO commercials: That's not how any of this Works!

We are the LARGEST AND MOST ROBUST ECONOMY ON THE PLANET! We are basically the Richest (despite our $21T Debt, we as Private People are the Richest) in the World. It is basic, simple, math, and economics, that we are going to BUY MORE (IMPORT) from others than they Purchase/Buy (our Exports) from Us!

FURTHER: I get, and I'm with Trump on the need to DEMAND RENEGOTIATION of our Trade agreements. I oppose Trump on his LIBERAL TARIFFS policy (Yes, Liberal, Import Tariffs are a TAX INCREASE ON AMERICANS, you are advocating a Liberal Tax Increase upon Americans position). As always, it is a FEEL GOOD measure that, with all Liberal Policies, would do more harm than good. The Question is, who do you want to Punish?!?!? Import Tariffs mostly punish OUR OWN CITIZENS!

Again, I DO GET IT IF YOU WANT TO TRY THE "GET TOUGH" APPROACH IN THE HOPES TRUMP'S PROMISE OF FAIRER TRADE WILL "EVENTUALLY" (HOPEFULLY!!!) COME FROM IT! All I'm asking is that you be HONEST! Can you do that?!?! Say you are willing to support LIBERAL TAX INCREASES UPON AMERICAN CITIZENS (that is what Import Taxes are) in order to "TRY" (despite Historically, time after time we repeat these tactics THEY FAIL to accomplish intended Goals) and achieve those ends. Further, you now need to admit you're willing to support more LIBERAL POLICIES.... More WELFARE (this time (Corporate Welfare) in the form of subsidies to Farmers, but who/what, in the name of protectionism and "compassion" to prop up a US Industry is next?!?!)... More BORROWING FROM CHINA (cuz that is where the money is coming from, we are in Budget Deficits (STILL to the tune of $1T) and $21T (and growing) DEBT).... MORE SPENDING (see the previous comment about Deficits and Debt).... JUST BE HONEST AND ADMIT YOUR SUPPPORT OF LIBERAL POLICY, in the hopes that one time in forever LIBERAL POLICIES won't do the opposite of their FEEL GOOD INTENTIONS!!!!

A good discussion about The Wall, Tariffs, Trade, Socialism, and more (AUDIO):

If we are to punish China and Mexico, then stop pretending to be quasi protectionist and actually do what will harm the enemy. CLOSE THE BORDER TO THEIR WIDGETS (let's just use widgets). You may no longer Import Widgets into the US - PERIOD! Let them pile up in Warehouses across your Country, as the remaining Markets (once we close ours) will NOT be able to absorb your Widgets. Your Factories will have to scale back Production (if not halt) and layoff your Citizens/Workers. We will then pick up Production of Widgets in the US and/or find additional sources, other than you, of Widgets. THAT IS HOW YOU TAKE IT TO THE ENEMY, NOT YOUR LIBERAL (FEEL GOOD, DO MORE HARM THAN GOOD) TARIFF POLICY!

It's not ALL BAD NEWS.. Reports are the EU "will work TOWARD" (potential empty promise) Zero Tariffs agreement...

OK... Good... Sounds good on the surface, but just like the NoKo Summit THE DEVIL IS IN THE DETAILS and the final agreement not the current "promises!" ... AND PEOPLE ARE ALREADY LYING ABOUT WHAT WAS PROMISED... IT IS ONE SECTOR OF GOODS ONLY, NOT, REPEAT NOT, ELIMINATION OF ALL TARIFFS ON ALL GOODS OF ANY/ALL KINDS!!!

Ok... the EU may cave (a little, as both them and TRUMP try to save face, lying about what is really being negotiated) because they understand our co-dependency and overall long-term goals are the same...CHINA will NOT. China sees this as a Political Battle, they will not blink/cave, they DO NOT CARE if it hurts their people, it is all about BESTING THE US!



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