Why JOAN LARSEN (MI) should be the next SCOTUS Justice....

Why the next SCOTUS pick needs to be JOAN LARSEN (MI)...

Might #MidTerms2018 Help #Trump get his next #SCOTUS nominee through?!?! Why do I suggest such? McLame refused to resign/retire when he should have and would have been replaced by now – and won’t be around for the Vote and therefore we only have 50 Republicans in the #USSenate! However, (ProAborntion Republicans) Collins and Murkowski will likely oppose the next Trump nominee who might help overturn RoeVWade. Countering that though – Democrats like Manchin and McCaskil (or even Stabenow, Michigan, which I’ll touch on further later) desperate for re-election this Cycle might feel it necessary, to cover their asses, and break from the usual and endless 100% Democrat OBSTRUCTION on any/all things and support Confirmation!!! If the Confirmation is dragged out until after November, Democrats will indeed return to 100% hyper-partisan Obstructionist mode!!

This could be a WIN/WIN. If McCaskil and Manchin oppose, it will make it easier to boot them in November and while one Trump nominee may go down to defeat for that to happen, he will obviously get his next/2nd choice through. And, if Republicans pick up more seats in the USSenate we may not have to then worry about idiots like McCain, Collins, and Murkowski, and get an even more solid/strong Conservative Confirmed than if we have to “compromise” to get their Votes!!

Now is the Time to Contact the WhiteHouse (https://www.whitehouse.gov/contact/) & ASK #POTUS to nominate SOLID #CONSERVATIVE / #CONSTITUTIONALIST JOAN LARSEN (MI)(already on declared Trump Short-list) to the SCOTUS to replace Kennedy!!

Picking someone like (Michigan native) Larsen (Young Female, currently on Michigan Supreme Court, who would serve a long time) would also apply pressure to Debbie Stabenow (D MI) to Vote for Confirmation (difficult for her to make excuses why Larsen shouldn’t be put on the Bench) potentially getting us to 51 YES Votes on Confirmation and avoiding a 50/50 split and need to bring in Pence to break a Tie.

Lastly there is the ability to turn the Democrats constant IDENTITY POLITICS PLAYING on its Head. What excuses will the Left make to say this highly qualified Woman, if Joan Larsen is the nominee, should be blocked from becoming the next SCOTUS Justice. #StrategicThinking

Justice #Kennedy has given ample warning of his retirement. This is not like a Death (unexpected vacancy) on the #SCOTUS. There should, at no point, be down to a 8 #Justices #Court. Confirmations MUST come and be completed before next SCOTUS Term begins!!

We cannot allow the Liberal Activists to have a 4-4 split Court for ANY PERIOD OF TIME screwing up a bunch of cases that should be decided but that won’t be as the Liberal Activists will nullify the whole process with 4-4 NON-DECISIONS!!!

Allowing the 4-4 split we’d have clearly benefits Liberal Activist Courts as the majority of the Cases coming up to SCOTUS are due to Liberal Activist Lower Courts overstepping their bounds and needing to be over-turned. In these Cases, 4-4 splits would allow those over-reaches to stand AND WE CANNOT ALLOW THAT!

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