This is an informal unscientific poll. Would you pay $20 for this umbrella? This is not the actual umbrella, just a mock up of what it will look like. The actual umbrella will be auto-open, windproof, 42" arc, with a matching nylon cover. If we get enough interest (and pre-payments), we will be putting in an order.

The PayPal button has been removed. Umbrellas that have not been pre-sold will be available for purchase on a fist come, first served basis.

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If this will raise a few dollars for our group count us in!
Most definitely, and more than one!
We will be placing a special PayPay button on the main page of this site, as well as the web site for the purchase of these umbrellas. We hope to have them delivered before the Tax Day Rally.

We would purchase at least two.

Dave Osborn


I placed a PayPal button on the main page of the Ning site. Thank you for your support!

Suz, I will personally hand you your money back if you don't receive them.


I wish I had one at Brighton when the Tea Party Express came through. And, at the LiberTEA Festival in Holt, And the day we greeted Obama when he came to the U. You will not be disappointed.

Suz said:

I just ordered 2 of them, I hope it is for real and you not take my money without product in return.
Buttons???? You said buttons???? Have a look here:

Suz said:
Not to worry, we will have MANY more days we will need to use this happy sunny yellow STATEMENT brellas.  Great idea, wish I would have thought of it.  I can make matching buttons to wear

No on the umbrella, but one XL t-shirt!

Bob H

The umbrellas have arrived! We will have them at the Plymouth Cultural Center on Monday, the 28th.

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