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*** ACTION CALL ***      *** ACTION CALL ***     *** ACTION CALL ***
(consider stating agreement or disagreement; correct errors / present facts; or just plain, politely, vent)


First, I'd like to welcome any of you that have recently signed up for the RWUW Group, as we have 15 new members. That is wonderful - as increasing our numbers increases our odds of getting our viewpoints published and therefore providing us the opportunity to influence others. Indeed, something to be THANKFUL (Thanksgiving) for!

To coincide with the latest MISSION IMPOSSIBLE movie release (No, I'm not advocating for the movie - after all I am the author of "Hollywood Hate-fest" - it's just a fun way to twist a tie-in to this ACTION CALL), I thought we'd attempt our own (potentially) Mission Impossible...
Your Mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find something NICE to say about your local publications.
What? Yes... In the spirit of the Holidays... Thanksgiving ( and, Hanukkah, Christmas, etc, and New Years...  It is time to give Thanks and find some nice things to say to our local Publications for their efforts and services. Mission Impossible? Perhaps, but let's try...
We've had some successes as our Group's members have had LTE (Letters To the Editor) items published - something to be Thankful for in itself. While there is alot of time until the 2012 Election we've let fellow Conservatives know that they are NOT alone. While we have so many more to attempt to influence and inspire - WE CANNOT ALWAYS ONLY CRITICIZE (or challenge their notions) when we write in!!
So again, your Mission Impossible: PRAISE THE MSM.
  • Find a Story they cover that you agree with and let them know.
  • Just send them a general "Thank You" with no other concerns at all.
  • You might think that the only thing you agree with the Editorial staff of a particular Publication is their selection of Type-setting Font - if you're clever about it you can joke with them about such to keep a Letter light-hearted and contain levity ( while still Thanking them for being part of the dialogue.
  • etc....
Time for Thanksgiving for their coverage of ???_pick_your_topic_??? and informing their readers. OK, it can perhaps be a back-handed compliment like saying - "while I may not have always appreciated the way a story may appear slanted.... I THANK YOU for providing the coverage...." Despite that Liberals' true Religion is Government (, it is time to show a reflection of our Faith (or the spirit of the Holiday season) and show some of the Good Will. Yes, as slanted against us as most Publications are it may indeed be a Mission Impossible to find something nice to say to them about them it is important. The intent does NOT have to be even to write something that would get published, but just to let them know you appreciate their allowing us to speak under our First Amendment protections and their extending the courtesy of hearing our point of views (and sometimes passing them on via their LTE page). Building this Good Will will hopefully grant us fairer hearing during the times we challenge them.
And to those of the same Faith as me: Merry X-mas (and if that offends, I would love to have a conversation some time as to why the abbreviation of Xristos-mass should NOT)! To those of other Faiths, or those of no particular Faith at all, I bid you "Happy Holidays*"
*and if hearing that while out and about offends, I'd also love to have a conversation some time about why I no longer allow people to get me bent out of shape about it. I recognize not all share my Faith, and I do NOT therefore object to the neutral "Happy Holidays" that acknowledges all Faiths and/or the Secular Holiday dates of this time-period/season. There is a big difference between being inclusive and the Secular LEFT's purposeful attempts to offend and wage a WAR ON CHRISTMAS ( and That is a whole other issue though, which is why I already wrote about it and welcome you to comment there or write your own Blog/Forum post about such.
GOD BLESS and Take Care!

(don't know who/where to write? see: Letters/Editors Contact Info)    

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Greetings fellow Rattle With Us (and extra special "Writers Group") volunteer. The preceding information links are individual "Action Calls" for you to consider writing about the subject matter presented. We sincerely hope you will take the time to assist ALL OF AMERICA (TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK) by participating in shaping Public opinion by taking part in this great First Amendment process of voicing your concerns, correct errors / present facts, state opinion, etc, in response to (or ahead of) the News cycles. Again, THANK YOU...

*** IMPORTANT NOTE *** While we'd love to see all our Letters Published and therefore have the opportunity to influence the masses, we must remember that the more people writing (into any/ALL of these Publishers) about the same topics increases the chances that one will be placed in the Publication and equally (maybe more) important is that we (through our numbers) will begin to influence the Publishers (Editors/Reporters) because they know ACTIVE folks are paying attention to their work and holding them accountable! Keep writing, do NOT get discouraged, it matters (again) even if your work isn't printed.

Also, as stated elsewhere, it is very important to sometimes write when you AGREE with what the Publishers/Editors/Reporters are saying!!! We cannot always only write to complain!!! If you occasionally praise them, they may be more likely to Publish something you write in about when you oppose/challenge/complain-to them.

ACTION CALL (state your agreement or disagreement, correct errors / present facts, or just plain (politely) vent) about the aforementioned topic. Again, THANK YOU!


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