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In this ACTION CALL, multiple topics:
1. TEA Party Resource Center.
2. Payroll Tax cut fiasco.
3. Conservative values/reforms in/to Mich. Schools.
   3A. Do you know what your child is reading?
   3B. General: Michigan Legislation regarding Education reforms.
   3C. School Budgets
4. Stabenow must go!
   a/k/a: Obama must go. Liberals must go. RINOs must go...
5. Recalls (still on the radar).
6. MSM versus the GOP Presidential Candidates.
   a/k/a: What Obama and the MSM don't want you paying attention to.
First, THANK YOU ALL for being part of the RWU Writers Group as our numbers keep growing which improves our chances at getting the general TEA Party voice (positions/concerns) heard through your continued LTE (Letters To the Editor) writing efforts. Part of the TEA Party principles are to inform/educate those who may still be Politically unaware and asleep (see: - Politically Brain-dead folks, and our frustration with them). Keep up the good work at awakening your fellow Americans!
[Not a member of the Writers Group? see our...
1. TEA Party Resource Center.
Want the chance to write something other than a Letter To the Editor (LTE)?
Want to contact the President, your Congressman, your Senator, and more.... all at once?? The TEA Party Resource Center will help you do that quickly and efficiently, by providing some basic language and information to get you started...
Use "the Tea Party Network" (
Resource Center --> <--  
Sign petitions and/OR compose an (editable) letter to your Representatives and send them to all of them at once right from the site. No Postage. No Research on who/where to send. The Resource Center will do the work for you!!!


2. Payroll Tax cut fiasco.
a/k/a: Senate establishment/RINO Republicans cave w/o fight.
The Senate Republicans undercut a Bill passed by the House Republicans that would have extended the Payroll Tax cut (FICA, by 2%) for another year. Whether you are OPPOSED to the Payroll Tax cut out-right (because it undercuts the Social Security system, under-funding it, while it is already in the Red) or you are willing to support the extension but are appalled that Senate Republicans would sell us out even before bothering to go to Conference/Reconciliation. These Senate RINOs/establishmenters have aided the Democrats to set-up their continued CLASS WARFARE through the entire 2012 election season.
Write a LTE and/or to the Senate Republican leadership (McConnel, McCain, etc) and voice your displeasure.
I called Mitch McConnell's office (202-224-2541, plus followed up with online contact post to him) to THANK HIM for the SELL-OUT... I told them- "normally we have to wait until Conference/Reconciliation before Senate Republicans sell us out - THANKS for siding with Harry Reid and selling us out right up front... I'm sure it saved them a lot of time, and was much more efficient, so they could evacuate the Senate and go home for Vacation - running, like the WI Democrats did (and now Indiana Democrats are), from their duties!"


3. Conservative values/reforms in/to Mich. Schools

3A. Do you know what your child is reading?
What are YOUR Schools indoctrinating YOUR children with these days?!?!? DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOUR KIDS ARE READING?!?!?
This current event and sad situation is taking place in the PCCS system, BUT it could also be happening in yours right under your nose without your knowledge. It appears some rouge educators, without having gone through the established/approved vetting procedures for books before they enter the classrooms, have removed some of the Classic Reading materials and instead are peddling Leftist praised "modern literature" and peddling their lack of morals (once again) to influence your children. There are 2 (two) books, in particular, in question; unapproved; that replaced the lauded, time-tested, valued and loved by generations, "Classics," and tout such things as sexual promiscuity, explicit/graphic sexual language, sexual deviance (including Bestiality), and on and on. One book specifically contains: "incest, rape, pedophilia, graphic sex, extreme violence, sexual abuse, physical/emotional abuse, infanticide, and an extensive amount of profanity. The first two chapters contain five references to sex with cows in addition to other types of sex." (source:

What reason is there to replace a Classic (traditional) book for one with a plot: A ghost comes back to haunt her family, and seduces (explicitly) her Mothers lover in order to exact revenge?? There is NO REASON for that to be studied as "literature" other than to peddle "Social Values" that are basically NO VALUES!
The book "Beloved" takes place in the 1870's and also deals with Slavery/Racism. In times where the Left demands Mark Twain's "Huckleberry Finn" be removed from reading lists as "offensive" when it has been a mechanism by which to address the same basic issues (in a TAME format, comparatively) would this new book be allowed to be introduced?!?! IT WOULDN'T, unless there is a different Social agenda underlying. Such as other reading material which has a sole intent of introducing your young children to sex and the LGBT lifestyle, under the guise of 'teaching tolerance.'
The time is NOW to be sure what books your child is reading, regardless of age level, and REVIEW ALL OF THEM for content and write your School administration, School Board, and your local Publications alerting them and your neighbors to this trend.
For more specifics on the books in question in the PCCS system and so you know what to look for in your district, see the pccs link below which also contains the e-mail addresses of some you may wish to voice your opinion with/to; plus some references to Canton Observer articles you can use as a starting point for your Letter To the Editor (LTE) responses.

3B. General: Michigan Legislation regarding Education reforms for all of Michigan can still use your attention.
The Bills/Legislation Committee (see: has identified:
[NOTE: Related Freedom Week items:
9/11: Patriot Palooza Ft.Wayne -
9/11: Call To Prayer -]
as key Legislation to watch (and hopefully SUPPORT).

Here is a letter I wrote to area Publications:
Charter School expansion in Michigan (recent legislation passed). I find it hilarious/ironic the Liberal Democrats claiming Charter Schools (in Michigan, or anywhere really) will put "Profits before Students" when the Teachers Unions have been putting their greed (with Tenure and LIFO practices protecting the worst of them) before students for decades. The Left (Liberals) always claim to be for "CHOICE" but do NOT want you to have any when it comes to your childs Indoctrination... er... Education!

3C. School Budgets.

Lastly, if those items don't inspire your muse.... consider writing any general letter regarding the need to get School Budgets under control and out of deficit WITHOUT harming the Education of our Children. It most certainly can be done, you know Liberals, they will always claim/cry that NO CUTS can be made without harming the Children (see related: Warning: Children Will Die!!! - while Administrative staff continues to grow out of control and bad Teachers remain collecting pay while in Rubber-rooms (rather than getting fired) for misconduct.

4. Stabenow Must Go!
a/k/a: Obama must go. Liberals must go. RINOs must go...
While we have the upcoming February Primary (Presidential) elections in focus, now is not too soon (and then again during the August Primaries and again just before the November General election) to voice your opinions on any/all that need to be replaced...
TEA Party members being rooted in the principles and precepts of the founding of the United States, stand by those values when selecting Candidates for Public office. Further, many Michigan TEA Party groups have joined together for this "Michigan For a Conservative Senate" (MI4CS) co-operative cause, sharing similar Conservative tenants. It is based upon those beliefs, principles, tenants, and values, that we cannot support Debbie Stabenow for re-election. Below (follow link) is information about Stabenow's positions, record, votes, etc, that support that conclusion and/or otherwise demonstrate why MI4CS members urge her ouster....
read more:
More on Debbies record at:
Here is a letter I wrote to area Publications:
While focus is on the POTUS race, we cannot lose sight that Stabenow (and some House Democrats) must go! As part of the DO NOTHING SENATE (Democrat controlled), she/they failed to do their Constitutional duty and pass a Budget for 950+ days. When, in December, they finally passed Omnibus spending Bills for FY2012 they; ignoring "supposed cuts" agreed upon (Debt Ceiling agreement); are spending (yet again) a new largest Budget deficit (though they tried to hide it by passing several separate Bills) in US history. And those "Occupy Wall Street" folks, where are they? since she voted for the (Bank Bailouts) TARP?!?! We would be better represented in the Senate by a random pick from the Phone book, so I will support any/all that oppose her.
[I will be sending that same, or slight variation of that, LTE (Letter To the Editor) again during the August Primaries and just before the November elections]
* Interested in seeing Debates between MI U.S. Senate GOP Candidates? A long list of recorded Debates for review is available at: as well as links to each Candidate's web-site should you wish to assist a particular Candidate.
* Up-coming U of M Dearborn (held by Union Conservatives, Sat. Jan. 28) Debate info at:

5. Recalls
As Wisconsin style Thug-ocracy now moves into Indiana, with Democrats fleeing the Legislature to block Conservative reforms, Recall efforts intensify in Wisconsin. Efforts in Indiana, MICHIGAN, and Ohio, in relation to Recall efforts, continue to build - especially since the Left's success/victory in Recalling Paul Scott in Grand Blanc (see:
You must step up to defend your Election victories in bringing Conservative control to the Michigan House and Senate and a Governor who will be friendly to (read: WILL SIGN THE) BILLS that are in the works. Tell Michigan's Leftists 'they expect us to abide by Elections when Liberals win, and they should abide by OUR victories now!' NO Wisconsin Thug-ocracy in Michigan!!!!

6. MSM versus the GOP Presidential Candidates.
While the MSM focuses on playing up "Republican in-fighting" in regard to the GOP Presidential Debates/Primaries, remind the press that WE KNOW and do not appreciate them keeping Americans in the dark about (by avoiding or burying in the back pages) Obama's failings:
* Killing the Keystone XL Pipeline (AGAIN) over phony Environmental concerns to placate his base and...
... costing countless un-empoloyed Americans the opportunity at a Job!
... hurting America's Energy independence!
* Conducting "Recess" appointments while the U.S. Senate was in Pro Forma session.
... The Democrats used such sessions to block Bush from making Recess appointments.
* Raising the Nation's Debt by another 1 Trillion dollars.
* Continued Race-baiting and Class Warefare (OWS violence and disruptions to Commerce/JOBS)!
* Phony "Government consolidation" of Departments to pretend he isn't growing the size of Government.
*Defense reductions while ignoring all other aspects of Government spending that are a far greater burden on the Budget Deficit and Debt.


(don't know who/where to write? see: Letters/Editors Contact Info [RWU web-site sign-in required])    

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Greetings fellow Rattle With Us (and extra special "Writers Group") volunteer. The preceding information links are individual "Action Calls" for you to consider writing about the subject matter presented. We sincerely hope you will take the time to assist ALL OF AMERICA (TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK) by participating in shaping Public opinion by taking part in this great First Amendment process of voicing your concerns, correct errors / present facts, state opinion, etc, in response to (or ahead of) the News cycles. Again, THANK YOU...

*** IMPORTANT NOTE *** While we'd love to see all our Letters Published and therefore have the opportunity to influence the masses, we must remember that the more people writing (into any/ALL of these Publishers) about the same topics increases the chances that one will be placed in the Publication and equally (maybe more) important is that we (through our numbers) will begin to influence the Publishers (Editors/Reporters) because they know ACTIVE folks are paying attention to their work and holding them accountable! Keep writing, do NOT get discouraged, it matters (again) even if your work isn't printed.

Also, as stated elsewhere, it is very important to sometimes write when you AGREE with what the Publishers/Editors/Reporters are saying!!! We cannot always only write to complain!!! If you occasionally praise them, they may be more likely to Publish something you write in about when you oppose/challenge/complain-to them.

ACTION CALL (state your agreement or disagreement, correct errors / present facts, or just plain (politely) vent) about the aforementioned topic. Again, THANK YOU!


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Comment by Joseph M Lenard (JLenardDetroit) on February 27, 2012 at 6:50pm


You'll notice how some people don't get upset that some from another Party may TAMPER with another's Primary, nor are they concerned about how others may plain blatantly cast ILLEGAL VOTES (2nd residences, dead person, fictional character); oh no, can't have voter ID required; but they have a problem having to PICK ONE (PARTY) BALLOT on Primary day.... The Conspiracy Theory loons run amuck yet again....


From: "Jennifer Helmer"
Subject: Op-Ed Response


As you may have heard, there is a recent op-ed tearing down Ruth because the writer does not feel that voters should have to choose a political party when voting in tomorrow's election.  Further, he says that it's a ploy by Ruth and the political parties to build lists of voters that are "financed by the taxpayers".  Here is a link to the article:
I wanted to see if you and others in your group would be willing to respond to the claims in the article (a brief comment).  I've copied in the most pertinent responses to aid our responders.  Additionally, below is a link to Ruth's recent Op-Ed that dispels many of the rumors that have been circulating around:
Do I have to be a registered Republican or Democrat to participate in Michigan’s Feb. 28,
2012 presidential primary?
No. Michigan’s presidential primary has been designated a “closed primary.” However, there is
no political party registration requirement in Michigan Election Law governing voter
registration. Any Michigan registered voter can participate. By law, you must make your ballot
selection in writing, and will do so on Election Day in the polls on the Application to Vote/Ballot
Selection Form if voting in person. If voting absentee, your ballot application form will have a
space for you to choose whether you want to vote a Republican or Democratic ballot.

Why do I have to select a party ballot?
In late 2011, the Michigan legislature passed a law (Public Act 163 of 2011) that guides the
conduct of the Feb. 28, 2012 presidential primary. The law requires that voters indicate in
writing which political party ballot he or she wishes to vote. This requirement only applies to
presidential primary elections, and voters will not be required to select a political party ballot
type in writing at other types of elections.
Will my ballot selection be made public?
Yes. By law a public list must be made available that includes the presidential primary ballot
type chosen by each voter in the Feb. 28, 2012 presidential primary. This list must be made
available by May 9, 2012. County, city and township clerks must retain the forms indicating each
voter’s presidential primary ballot selection for 22 months. This ballot selection information is
subject to disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act. The public list of voters’
presidential primary ballot selections and the documents containing this information held by
local clerks must be destroyed after the 22-month retention period expires.

To be clear, only the political party ballot
Comment by Joseph M Lenard (JLenardDetroit) on January 31, 2012 at 5:19am

Tea Party Slammed by Canton Observer

Our Venom Is Our Vote

A message to all members of Rattle With Us Tea Party

Dear Rattle With Us Members,


Here is an article about the school board meeting last Tuesday and send your comments. If you were illegally prevented from commenting at the meeting last week, another meeting is being held tomorrow, Monday, January 30th, 2012, at 7:00 p.m. The location is the same as last week (on Harvey Street).|mostview


Here is an article that explains how the school board's actions to limit citizen comments was illegal and subject to a fine of $500.00.

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