attempted RECALLS (WI Thug-ocracy comes to MI)


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Unfair attacks against Sen. Patrick Colbeck (and, no doubt, others they will) recall attempt by those on the Left that refuse to abide by the "Will Of The People;" the last election, and unwillingness to patiently wait as we always had to until the next election; about 'when has the last Democrat (Liberal) ever been recalled (we are expected to abide by the election outcomes and they don't get recalled/removed even for criminal misconduct); using WI (Thug-ocracy) tactics to attempt to stall the Legislative process; and their desire/attempt to bankrupt our TEA Party Citizen Legislator.

Likewise, you can write about the attempts to recall Rick Snyder, whether or not you agree with Snyder - remember, whether or not you agree with 100% of Rick is doing and/or planning to do, a recall would greatly risk putting a Democrat clone of the Canadian Socialist Granholm back into the Governors house! Do you want that? and the further damage it would do to the State of Michigan?!?!

Even others, any Conservative in a Purple district, will be attempted to be recalled - this is the same Thug-ocracy tactics they have tried in WI. Do NOT let it even have a chance to start here. Remember too, that their goal is NOT just to attempt to replace Conservatives, but if they cannot do that they want/desire/attempting to bankrupt the newer TEA Party Citizen Legislators weakening their re-election campaign chances. We must stand against these Recalls NOW before they are on the ballot and if they get on the ballot, to protect these Elected Officials under LIBERAL/PROGRESSIVE attack.

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*** IMPORTANT NOTE *** While we'd love to see all our Letters Published and therefore have the opportunity to influence the masses, we must remember that the more people writing (into any/ALL of these Publishers) about the same topics increases the chances that one will be placed in the Publication and equally (maybe more) important is that we (through our numbers) will begin to influence the Publishers (Editors/Reporters) because they know ACTIVE folks are paying attention to their work and holding them accountable! Keep writing, do NOT get discouraged, it matters (again) even if your work isn't printed.

Also, as stated elsewhere, it is very important to sometimes write when you AGREE with what the Publishers/Editors/Reporters are saying!!! We cannot always only write to complain!!! If you occasionally praise them, they may be more likely to Publish something you write in about when you oppose/challenge/complain-to them.

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Comment by Joseph M Lenard (JLenardDetroit) on November 4, 2011 at 3:19pm

Paul Scott is the first RECALL effort on the ballot, and that is TUESDAY NOVEMBER 8, 2011...




I‘m Michigan unions "Number 1 Target."

Working with Michigan Governor Rick Snyder, we instituted Wisconsin-style reforms on unions – cutting waste and increasing accountability.

It worked!

In response, unions organized huge rallies and promised to target me in a recall election. That recall election is this Tuesday, November 8th.

No other Republicans have been targeted in recall elections yet. My recall election is a test case for unions.

If we can stop them here and NOW, the pro-growth, limited government agenda conservatives ran on in 2010 will be validated, and we will continue to slash spending and cut the size of government.

My campaign is rallying for a final get out the vote effort...
Click here to help us.

Our GOTV program is a very effective way of motivating voters to get to the polls...

The unions are determined to defeat me in the recall election on Tuesday, November 8th.

We will win. Click here to help fund my GOTV program.


Representative Paul Scott, District 51

P.S. I am being targeted in a recall election because I led the committee that overhauled government union benefits that were harming taxpayers. Click here to help me defeat the union-funded recall election.

Comment by Joseph M Lenard (JLenardDetroit) on September 28, 2011 at 8:38pm
Acceptable language was eventually submitted, and therefore had to be approved, that now launches Recall Petition drive for Attorney General Bill Schuette also. So he is added to the long list of those being threatened with Recall: Rick Snyder (R-Gov), Bill Schuette (R-AG), Patrick Colbeck (R-MI Senate), Paul Scott (R-MI House), and on and on... Again, when was the last time any Democrat was attempted Recall?!?! Amazing how WE are expected to abide by Elections while they refuse to.
Comment by Joseph M Lenard (JLenardDetroit) on September 11, 2011 at 8:20pm
The "Committee (or Citizens) Against Government Overreach" (really? what have Democrats/Liberals/Progressives been doing all these decades?!?! That wasn't Socialist overreach?!?! and Statist growth of government?!?!) have obtained signatures to attempt recall of Paul Scott (R-Grand Blanc/MI-51) also.

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