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*** ACTION CALL ***      *** ACTION CALL ***     *** ACTION CALL ***
(consider stating agreement or disagreement; correct errors / present facts; or just plain, politely, vent)


This ACTION CALL is in two parts, both working toward Conservative reforms to Michigan Schools.
  1. General: Michigan Legislation regarding Education reforms for all of Michigan.
  2. Canton/Plymouth residents: PCCS board Elections (Nov 2011) act now! Conservative Candidates need your help writing Letters and/or volunteering some critical end of campaign push help/time.

1. General: Michigan Legislation regarding Education reforms for all of Michigan.
The Bills/Legislation Committee (see: has identified:
as key Legislation to watch (and hopefully SUPPORT).
* SENATE BILL 0426  SCHOOL ELECTIONS AND SCHEDULING (see:, among other things, would move School Board Elections to the November General Election date to, in part, stop small blocks of individuals from attempting to control turnout of the vote in order to elect Board Members sympathetic to the Teachers Unions and continually inflating Salaries while Education quality never improves. We need to move these Elections so that ALL are (paying more attention and) involved and having the opportunity to vote for and elect a Board while they are already prepared to vote in November.
The beginning of the Bill says it all, so I'll let it speak for itself...



Sec. 1167.

(1) The week of Veteran's day, November 11, each year is designated as "Celebrate Freedom Week" to be observed by all public school teachers and pupils as provided in this section.




(2) The board of a school district or board of directors of a public school academy shall ensure that, during Celebrate Freedom Week or during another full school week as determined by the board or board of directors, each social studies class shall include  appropriate instruction concerning the intent, meaning, and  importance of the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution, including the Bill of Rights, in their historical  contexts. ...(more)...

Please consider writing letters in support of both those pieces of Legislation!
[NOTE: Related Freedom Week items:

Lastly, if those items don't inspire your muse.... consider writing any general letter regarding the need to get School Budgets under control and out of deficit WITHOUT harming the Education of our Children. It most certainly can be done, you know Liberals, they will always claim/cry that NO CUTS can be made without harming the Children (see related: Warning: Children Will Die!!! - while Administrative staff continues to grow out of control and bad Teachers remain collecting pay while in Rubber-rooms (rather than getting fired) for misconduct.

2. Canton/Plymouth residents: PCCS board Elections (Nov 2011) act now!
The M&M Guys (Mark Horvath, Mike Andro, Matt Dame & Mike Maloney) are Conservatives and need your help writing Letters and/or volunteering some critical end of campaign push help/time. 
If you don't live in Canton or Plymouth, please call any/every CONSERVATIVE you do know in Canton and/or Plymouth and let them know that there are Conservative Candidates worthy of their support in this November's PCCS board Election.
First, if you can dedicate some time beyond writing LTE (Letters To Editors); which we'll get into next, here are some RWU blogs (regarding this subject matter) for your review:
The afore mentioned Blogs can be reviewed for information and/or inspiration for your Letter writing efforts or the following Letters supporters have already written can be gleaned for facts, information, or just inspiration, for your own LTE. Obviously, your LTE must be your own words, but the LTE below can be the basis of one of your own if you agree with what the other LTE author had/has to say.
Places to consider writing would be Associated Papers (Canton and Plymouth), Observer, Detroit News, Detroit Free Press, and any/all other Papers local to Canton/Plymouth area. It was suggested that you send one LTE directly via email to Brad Kadrich ( 313-222-8899) at the Observer over the weekend, as we might still be able to make the Thursday Paper if we got these in by 9am on Monday, but by all means send later than that if you cannot put one together by Monday 9am - for placement in other papers and/or on-line editions!!!!
A letter from one supporter stated:  
Mark Horvath and Mike Maloney have been involved with the school district for as long as I can remember. Over the past ten years, they have not been afraid to speak up when improvements needed to be made, and they have more financial experience than any of the other candidates. When these guys were on the board in the 1990’s, we did not have dysfunction on the board as we do now.  When Horvath and Maloney served as President, meetings lasted for hours, because they challenged other board members to look for consensus, resulting in 7 to 0 votes, not 4-3.  We had harmony and respect on the board. It was primarily because of the hard work and dedication of these two men.  Our community is better off because these guys are willing to step up once again and volunteer for this thankless job. I am also pleased that Mike Andro and Matt Dame are running with them.  The teacher’s union and their friends have tried to paint the “M&M Guys” as negative and are using false character attacks and  innuendo. These four men are fully committed to the thankless job of putting children (as opposed to adults) first.  I know they will balance the budget and reduce class size because they did it before.   Please join me in voting for them.
A letter from another supporter stated:
Fix the code of conduct
I attended the PC School Board Forum on Thursday evening. I came to hear what the candidates had to say regarding safety and security issues at the high schools. I was also interested in the candidates’ views on the dress code, the sexually provocative behavior that was reported at the homecoming dance, and administrator’s apparent lack of action to stop it.  After listening to all the candidates, I believe that voters have a very clear choice when they vote for school board on November 8. All of the MEA backed candidates suggested that further study and reflection is needed before any action could be taken. The only candidates who promised swift and decisive action were the “M&M Guys,” Mike Maloney, Mike Andro, Matt Dame and Mark Horvath.   It was very clear that they have the conviction and vision to fix what has become a very lax environment at the park.
Lack of enforcement of the dress code has been a problem for some time. The leadership at the park has been unwilling to enforce even the relaxed code of conduct enacted last year. It was clear to me from the discussion Thursday evening that they know exactly what is going on, and aren’t going to do anything to fix it.  Superintendent Hughes told us at the most recent board meeting, that a meeting would be held that would include parents – however, only certain parents (presumably those OK with the current goings on) are being invited to review everything that is going on.  This smacks of business as usual.  Concerned parents shouldn’t stand for it.  I am voting for Mike Maloney, Mark Horvath, Matt Dame and Mike Andro because I am convinced that they are most serious about addressing these important issues. They will provide the leadership we need to get this issue fixed.   I urge parents who are as concerned as I am to hold the current board accountable by voting for the M&M Guys.
[that one might have been a little long, remember the more concise the point the better chances it will have for being used or won't be edited down]
Still another supporter wrote:
Concerned about loss of students to charter schools
While our MEA backed school board is busy trying to figure out how to lock in more revenue through higher taxes, more and more children in our district are deciding that charter schools offer a better alternative.  A significant part of the district’s budget deficit this year was caused by the exodus of over 400 students from our district, resulting in over $3m less state revenue.  The majority of these students were in the lower grades, so this loss of revenue will be compounded year after year.  How has our current board reacted?  They continue to fiddle while Rome burns.  Despite urgings from the public to investigate the reasons for the exodus, PCCS continues to treat the issue as if it doesn’t exist.  If YOUR customers were leaving in large numbers, wouldn’t you be interested in why they were leaving? The district knows how to contact each of these parents, and also knows where each of these kids is now attending school. A simple telephone or mail survey could shed valuable light on problems our district has, and what steps we might take to convince future families not to jump to the charters.  This simple business practice is lost on our board. They seem to be unwilling to accept the premise that there could possibly be room for improvement. Parents who come to board meetings to complain or offer suggestions are humiliated at worst, and subjected to the 3 minute rule at best.  We need a board that is willing to embrace their customers.  Our current board does not.
I will be voting for the M&M Team, Mark Horvath, Mike Andro, Matt Dame, and Mike Maloney because they seem to be the only candidates out there that are willing to challenge the status quo.  The teachers interpret their challenges as negative. I believe that admitting that you have a problem is the first step in solving it. If we continue with our denial, we can’t possibly improve.  I am voting for the M&M Guys because I believe they offer the best chance for our district to improve. If we want to be one of the best districts in the state (as I often hear) we must be willing to examine our strengths and weaknesses in an objective manner. The M&M guys are our best chance to do just that.

Still yet another supporter brought up some points regarding another [opposition] Candidate that someone wrote a Letter of support to the Observer... are a couple of things I found when I put ["Dr. Syed Taj" Michigan] into Google. He's one of the liberal candidates supported by the letter writer- as she noted, the school board race is technically non-partisan, but you can easily find references to Dem support. I didn't have time to read much, you can probably find lots better.
"With the encouragement and support of Canton residents and the endorsements of numerous elected officials of Canton, Syed Taj ran for the public office of Canton Trustee in 2008. He was endorsed by State Representatives; Marc Vorriveau, John C. Stewart, Community Democrats of Canton, Wayne County Commissioner; Kevin McNamara, Candidate for State Representative and Candidate for Congress, just to name a few."

Here's another one:
"The following are the guests from the Michigan Democratic Party who lead the parade with the Pakistani community and attended the event. Mr. Mark Brewer, Chairman Michigan Democratic Party; State Senator Mr. Micky Switalski; Ms. Rashida Tlaib, State Representative; Mr. Mike McGuiness, Chairman of the Oakland County Democratic Party; Mr. Verma Ramesh Treasurer, Michigan Democratic Party; Dr. Syed Taj Treasurer, City of Canton; U.S. Congressional Candidate Ms. Natalie Mosher; State Senatorial Candidate, Ms. Pam Jackson."
That's a list I bet you could find some choice quotes from. Negative campaigning works, but it must be simple, polite, short, and clear. There's really no need to make any comments or charges of our own - just quote verbatim the wackiest stuff their weirdest supporters say, and put it out on public view. [That is very true]

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Greetings fellow Rattle With Us (and extra special "Writers Group") volunteer. The preceding information links are individual "Action Calls" for you to consider writing about the subject matter presented. We sincerely hope you will take the time to assist ALL OF AMERICA (TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK) by participating in shaping Public opinion by taking part in this great First Amendment process of voicing your concerns, correct errors / present facts, state opinion, etc, in response to (or ahead of) the News cycles. Again, THANK YOU...

*** IMPORTANT NOTE *** While we'd love to see all our Letters Published and therefore have the opportunity to influence the masses, we must remember that the more people writing (into any/ALL of these Publishers) about the same topics increases the chances that one will be placed in the Publication and equally (maybe more) important is that we (through our numbers) will begin to influence the Publishers (Editors/Reporters) because they know ACTIVE folks are paying attention to their work and holding them accountable! Keep writing, do NOT get discouraged, it matters (again) even if your work isn't printed.

Also, as stated elsewhere, it is very important to sometimes write when you AGREE with what the Publishers/Editors/Reporters are saying!!! We cannot always only write to complain!!! If you occasionally praise them, they may be more likely to Publish something you write in about when you oppose/challenge/complain-to them.

ACTION CALL (state your agreement or disagreement, correct errors / present facts, or just plain (politely) vent) about the aforementioned topic. Again, THANK YOU!


Wanting to write but uncertain of what to write about?
Please consider writing about matters concerning the TEA Party. We will e-mail you (if you are a RWU Writers Group member - see RWUW Sign-up) from time to time with subject matter ("Action Calls") and additional subject matter may be found via the RWU NING website (please check back every couple of weeks for new material)...
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Comment by Joseph M Lenard (JLenardDetroit) on December 28, 2011 at 11:55pm

we have a win....


Subject: GLEP Action Alert: Charter Cap Eliminated

Dear friends:
December 14, 2011 is a day for the history books.  The State House of Representatives passed SB 618 which eliminates the charter public school cap and provides thousands of parents and students more educational choices.
The Great Lakes Education Project, along with charter school allies, worked with bill sponsor Senator Phil Pavlov; Speaker Jase Bolger; Rep. Tom McMillin- House Education Chair and others to ensure this legislation passed. We also appreciate Governor Rick Snyder’s support and are pleased to announce he signed SB 618 into law on December 20, 2011.
Change doesn’t happen easily.  The bold leaders in the Michigan Senate and House of Representatives that looked past the fear and misinformation from people trying to protect the status quo in education are to be commended.  They have made a positive change in public education for current students and all future generations.
Please contact the legislators that supported this monumental legislation and thank them for supporting parents and students throughout Michigan who have been waiting years for more educational choice opportunities.  Find the list of supporters here:
Best wishes,
Beth DeShone
GLEP Advocacy Director

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