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To facilitate, coordinate, and encourage, Person(s) to write (Letters to Editors, Online articles, Emails to Politicians and/or others, etc) and provide support to those wishing to engage in such. To provide writing/technical support to the "Bills" (aka: Legislation), "Candidate Vetting," and/or other Committees that may be formed within RWU.


  • Light-handed (aspirational/inspirational/encouraging) Committee. We welcome folks to come and go as you have time. Any available time and/or effort you have to offer is greatly appreciated.
  • -- VOLUNTEERS always appreciated - write when you are inspired, on whatever subject(s), for whatever period of time (one time, short term, long term, whatever) you can/will.
  • -- Open to anyone/all (that share RWU Beliefs, Principles, and Values), to be part of, or to interact with, the Writing Committee.
  • -- One of our goals is to help others understand to whom they can write to and where it is they can write to (or at, online) via a reference listing at the RWU website. (see: Editors/Letters Contact info.)
  • -- No-one will be asked or expected (NO assignments, only open calls for volunteers will be made) to write. Simply volunteer to any open call for writing - and write only when you feel able/willing). We welcome you for what/when 'YOUR GOALS' coincide with RWU (Mission Statement and Beliefs, Principles, and Values) goals and you have something near and dear to you that you wish to write about in order to share with others (in whatever format: Postal Mail Letters, Online Posts, E-mails to those in positions of influence/power, helping draft a Official RWU statement, etc).
    ------ Pick your own Subject matter(s), that correspond (shared positions) with RWU Beliefs, Principles, and Values.
    ------ Pick your own Format(s). Official RWU documentation support, Letters to Editors, Responses to Publication Stories/Editorials, questions/comments across platforms, RWU (or, more importantly, other online sites) web articles, etc).
  • -- No-one shall ever be "assigned" writing, but the Committee will endeavor to find (when/where possible) someone (comfortable with the subject matter, willing to volunteer) to Write (or aid in the writing of) subject matter and formats RWU and any of its Committees may need. This will be done through OPEN CALLS for volunteers by subject matter and/or specified needs. LIKEWISE, no-one wishing to write about a subject may "assign" subject matter for research to another RWU Committee in order that you may write about it or act as your researchers of information (if your piece requires research, you will need to perform that research yourself; unless other RWU Writers volunteers MAY wish to team up with you on a Project you may both be passionate about).
  • -- We are NOT staffed with Professional Writers, Editors, Proof-readers, Researchers, and/or JOURNALISTS; which is why it will always remain up to individuals to engage in writing only when they are comfortable with the subject matter and/or format of the Projects in question. We shall do our best to find someone that does feel comfortable dealing with Projects to be involved to the best of their ability and availability to assist (open calls).

To join us (RWU Writers Group):
See the RWU Writers Group E-mail Sign-up Instructions. All you need is a valid/current e-mail address for us to communicate with you. You may join and withdraw at any time. (Privacy Policy)

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