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------ WELCOME ---------- SIGN-UP INSTRUCTIONS ---------- WELCOME ------

Thank you for your interest in the "Rattle With Us - MI Tea Party" (RWU) Writers Group (RWUW). All we will be asking for is your e-mail, we will contact you again ASAP regarding the RWUW activities.

You will never be expected to write on any particular matter/issue/subject - your participation always voluntary on as little or much time as you are willing to offer - about RWU values you share (see: RWU Mission Statement). From time to time, RWU will send "Action Calls" (write requests) for you to consider participating in (write Editors, Legislators, etc) of subject matter that RWU hopes you will be willing to join with us in bringing greater attention/awareness to; or that Tea Party members' voices are not being heard.

For additional information about what the Writers Group stands for and looks to accomplish, please see Writers Committee Mission Statement (Welcome and goals).

To join the RWUW Group, all you need is an active e-mail address* for us to communicate with you. You may join and withdraw at any time.
*Privacy Policy.

Simply send us an e-mail (click here) rwuwriters-join@yahoo.com (or compose your own if you use a web-based e-mail system) - you will receive a "Welcome" informational reply.

At any time you wish to leave the RWUW Group E-mail List; You may join and withdraw at any time; simply e-mail us and let us know (click here) rwuwriters-unlist@yahoo.com (or compose your own if you use a web-based e-mail system, subject=REMOVE).


RWUW members may assist with:
  • "Letters to the Editor" campaigns.
    -- responses to Editorials.
    -- responses to slanted (SPIN) news stories.
    -- open letters regarding concerns.
    -- to Magazines and other Periodicals.
  • Letters to Public Officials.
    -- regarding legislation (we have a Bills/Legislation Committee).
    -- general letters of support or concern.
  • Letters to Persons of Influence on Public Policy.
    -- TV news Producers/Anchors.
    -- Radio Producers/On-Air-Personalities.
    -- (opposition) AARP, ACLU, ACORN, Union Officials, etc.
    -- (friendly) ACLJ, AMAC, etc.
    -- Political Party Leadership.
  • Postings online to friendly and/or opposition Websites.
    -- (friendly) http://www.rattlewithus.ning.com.
    -- (bi-partisan/neutral) Google and/or Yahoo Groups.
    -- (opposition) http://www.dailykos.com (ONLY: if you can be thick-skinned, non-confrontational (just provide truth/facts), calm, cool, collected, and patient).
    -- (bi-partisan) We The People (again; be calm, cool, and collected while reading/responding).
    -- more... pick your favorite (friendly, bi-partisan, neutral, or opposition) sites and let others know.
  • Encouragement to other Tea Party style organizations.
  • Assist the Leadership Committee in developing Official RWU commentary/statements/letters/etc.
  • More...

Wanting to write but uncertain of what to write about?
Please consider writing about matters concerning the TEA Party. We will e-mail you (if you are a RWU Writers Group member - see RWUW Sign-up) from time to time with subject matter ("Action Calls") and additional subject matter may be found via the RWU NING website (please check back every couple of weeks for new material)...
Writers Committee: "Action Call" notices: Action Calls
Writers Committee: Welcome: Writers Welcome
Legislative/Bills Committee: Bills
Candidate Vetting: Candidates
RWU blogs: Blogs
RWU forums: Forum
RWU Mission Statement: RWU Mission
...your comments are always welcome at the blog/forum locations also.



comments/questions to: rwuwriters-comment@yahoo.com
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