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Become a Citizen Journalist -- Join the Franklin Center WatchDog Team

The Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity has started an initiative to enlist and support "citizen journalists."  The program is called "Citizen Watchdog."  Their objective is to build an organization of citizen journalists to watch and report real-time on issues and events at the local, state, and regional…


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Don't let fear and emotion cloud gun debate

The current gun debate is not a controversy of gun lovers against those who fear firearms, but rather a very real defense of our Constitution against those who would use fear of guns and abhorrence of violence to the smallest and weakest in our society as a guise to attack our freedoms in the United States.

Not one of the bills or so-called executive orders proposed by President Obama would have prevented the Sandy Hook tragedy and the people who are assaulting our…


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Michigan Unions ready to sue their own members

Michigan Teachers Unions are getting ready to sue their own members if they do not pay Union Dues.  Not the right way to go one would think!


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Michigan Road Repair Tax

Michigan road repairs and how the government of Michigan wants to get your money,  the lesser of two evils and how it works:…


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We need to counter "Organizing for Action"

Obama Launches Major Alinsky-Style Community Organizing Project From the White House


The Left is continuing to go after our country's youth and their culture. On Nov 7th, I realized it was a big reason why we were losing in politics. I started looking for Conservative…


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Shut down Big Government and Now!

America's Food Stamp President. While the Rev. Al Sharpton wants to have Barack Obama enshrined on Mount Rushmore, there are 48 million Americans, mostly white on Food Stamps.

1).   America's Food Stamp President: http://www.youtube.com/watc…

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Federal Government Assailing Right to the Bear Arms with Increasing Intensity

Big government and the vast majority of gun laws are all about CONTROL, not protections.

Under the Constitution, the Federal government does not/should not have the power to infringe upon the gun owning rights of free Americans.  Any laws/regulations are at best the venue of the States and states rights.  Even common sense says one size does not fit all.




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