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President's Faith -- Telling Video Clips?

After 20+ years attending a liberation theology church in Chicago, recent mandates requiring church organizations to provide free contraceptives, playing down recent Muslim attacks in the U.S. and abroad, foreign relations gaffs, etc., there has been much discussion on which religion Barack Hussein Obama actually professes.  What does the below video series of Obama speech clips suggest?  Is there a telling pattern evolving?

Supposedly the Administration has been working to get this…


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Many of you have seen the Osborn's sitting in back of our meeting room with a table full of books. Dave and Susan took it on their own to put these books together and make them available to you. Please stop by their table at our next meeting. While you're there. thank them for their efforts.




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Presidential Primary FAQ

Jennifer Helmer from Ruth Johnson's office sent the following; Thank you, Jennifer!


The following link contains very good information for all voters in Michigan. Please forward.…


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Why is Rick Santorum leading in Michigan

Although Mitt Romney is a self professed conservative there are a couple of questions that need to be answered:


1.  How can a self professed conservative get elected in a super liberal, blue state in Massachusetts without promising something that fits into the liberal agenda and mindset?  A-la the healthcare bill that he placed into effect. Telling everyone now that he vetoed 800 bills while governor is a joke in itself.  Why was he elected in that state is the…


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The ObaMAO-Care Real-Estate TAX (What do Home sales have to do with Health-Care?)

The National Association of REALTORS is all over this and working to get it repealed,  before it takes effect.  But,  I am very pleased we aren't the only ones who know about this ploy to steal billions from unsuspecting homeowners.  How many REALTORS do you think will vote Democratic in…

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Health Care Compact Update -- We need you to contact your Senator Today

From our friend Jay McNally:

I’m writing to give you a quick update on the status of the Health Care Compact in Michigan, and to ask you to make a quick phone call or send a note to your state senator TODAY or TOMORROW asking him to become a co-sponsor of the HCC in the Senate.

If possible, can you…


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the Contraception deception

"If you like your plan, you will get to keep your plan!" Remember Obama promising you that about ObaMAOcare?!?!?!

Do you think Religious institutions, exercising their conscience by not having their plans include contraception and the (Morning after) Abortion pill, like their plans the way they are?!?! Obama shows how "If you like your plan, you can keep your plan" is, and always has been; as well as most everything else out of his mouth is; A LIE!

There is something else that…


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I was Silent

The latest edict from the HHS secratary compelled me to write this:


I Was Silent


I was silent when they gave us Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid…now my 78 year old mother is a ward of the state but we cannot sustain this outcome for millions yet to retire.


I was silent when they launched the war on poverty…16 trillion dollars later we have more poverty, more single mothers, more out-of-wedlock births, and a 16 trillion…


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GET YOURSELF INFORMED... Do your homework (think things ALL the way through)... The little details MATTER!

[I attended a U.S. Senate Candidate forum (2 were in attendance). Here is what (I came away with, and) I felt was most important to share with those at their site following that event. It is worth sharing with all of you too.]

A TEA Party principle/value: GET INFORMED - don't take the platitudes and speeches as the determining factor of your votes, but instead the starting point on which you do your "due diligence" and think through the whole process.

There is an old saying:…


Added by Joseph M Lenard (JLenardDetroit) on February 1, 2012 at 9:19pm — 2 Comments

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