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Danger in official endorsements

Our Tea Party is made of people from every walk of life. Young and old, white collar and blue, all united in a specific cause; to bring fiscal responsibility back to our nation. We have Christians and Atheists. We have Republicans and Libertarians. I could go on and on, until I arrive at my liberal friend who likes to attend our meetings. My point is this; If we ever stop concentrating on what unites us, our differences have the potential to bring us down.

My mom posed a question on… Continue

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Recall Senator Levin Committee

Time to recall Senator Levin Committee:


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Unions to pay for their own payroll deductions and not the taxpayers

This would be an excellent bill if our legislature could get this one passed like they are doing in Indiana.  Please contact your Congressmen and Senators of this state and ask them to introduce the same type of bill.


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Food for thought from James Madison, our fourth President:

The security of liberty itself, according to Madison, depends upon protection for the rights of property in the distribution of suffrage.  If all power be allowed to the indigent masses, one of two things will certainly happen: either they will yield to blind passion in legislative attacks upon the more prosperous minority, or else they will become dupes of wealthy miscreants ambitious for power.  In either case liberty will be overthrown: in the first by despotism, the natural fruit…


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Wayne County "Truth" Squad response - a must read for all Rattler precinct/alternate delegates! (:

This attack email came from The Wayne County “Truth” Squad (Yes, that’s what they really called themselves!):

“Sharon Lollio – Founder of Rattle with Us Tea Party in 2009, Sharon has been an activist and hard worker for the advance of the conservative movement in our district. However, it was quite concerning to us once she began 'endorsing candidates' on behalf of the Rattle with Us Tea Party without discussing with the group or asking for their opinion. Come to find out (again,…


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Beware the “Whims of the Masses”!

Beware the “Whims of the Masses”!


If you are right of political center it is likely that you view the results of the last two Presidential Races (2008 & 2012) as the result of the “whims of the masses”.  It is also likely that those that are left of center view the races of 2000 and 2004 as the “whims of the masses”.  This subject has been a topic of debate from before the establishment of our Republic in 1776.  James Madison is considered,…


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No Fault Reform

No Fault Reform on Face Book:    


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John Conyers

Congressman John Conyers really needs to retire.  This old geezer has a problem with words and sentences and doesn't understand that when someone crosses the border without the proper entry, they are automatically a felon, according to the law as written but not enforced by the Obama regime.


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