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Two Tax Alternatives.


Before you read this, the first four paragraphs are simply defended and explaining  though history and logic, why the two tax codes at the bottom would work. If you would just like to look at the tax rates, go to the bottom of this and read  under the subtitles: Flat Tax and Progressive Sales Tax. 

Starting from the late nineteenth century onward, taxation has presented new and more numerous complications. What started as a simple dispute over authority,…


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Flawed Reasoning in being Pro-Choice/Morally Relativistic

     Relativism is the belief that there is no universal justification for moral actions or objective truth. Furthermore, since there is no moral standard for actions, moral conduct becomes relative to the beholder of the action. This presents three main problems: first, by invalidating the sense of right and wrong, one becomes tolerant to thoughts and actions of others that may be objectively evil; second, truth transforms from natural law to a delineated expression of one’s personal…


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The Founding Father's views on taxation.

During the framing of the Constitution, the founding fathers quarreled over many issues. The issue of taxation was no different. The two main schools of thought, in regards to taxation, resided between Federalists and anti-Federalist parties. Federalists pushed for national authority over the power to tax, in addition to state proposals. Anti-Federalists objected to federal authority to tax, feeling the power would be illiberally abused.[1] There were, however, issues in…


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GOP leader DeMint says Detroit 'victimized' by liberals

GOP leader DeMint says Detroit 'victimized' by liberals

This message, while being hard to accept by Democrats, is 1000% True. My entire family was born in Detroit and I have watched the city descend to the war zone haven of unemployment and drugs and despair that she is today. The chains of unemployment compensation, welfare and food stamps have made slaves of the people of Detroit.…


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preaching to the choir

Preaching to the choir is term I've I hear every now and then and I'm sure you all know what it means.  I have just recently become a member of the Tea Party on this site and another one.  And I have to say that I'm surprised at the amount of time dedicated to all of the negatives of Mr Obama.  And as strange as it may sound I believe  he looks forward to all the preachers on our side of the spectrum analyizing his words and actions.  I've been guilty of it just like the political pundits…


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Liberal Questions

I enjoyed the meeting on Tuesday night, it's always nice to hang out with like minded people. As conservatives, we must also be ready to engage those who disagree with our philosophy. A friendly, educated liberal dropped by my personal blog and asked some very good questions about my sequester article. I thought these questions got down to the heart of conservative thought, so I thought I'd share the exchange with you.

See the whole conversation here:… Continue

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Pin The Donkey Tail On The Elephant- The Sequester

Continuing his campaign to lay blame for every economic woe on the Republican Party, the President's press conference on Friday was a stunning piece of partisan theater. The same President who doubled our nation's debt in his first term, is now blaming Republicans for the impact of the sequester that will take effect at midnight. After eighteen months of inaction since a bipartisan committee, appointed by his administration, designed these automatic cuts; to hear the President take no… Continue

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Kurt Heise on Health Care Exchanges

Representative Heise cannot attend our meeting on Tuesday. He asked me to post his response regarding health care exchanges. There is a link at the bottom for further information.


Unfortunately I have a prior commitment with the Boy Scouts that evening. I know, however, that there is concern regarding the vote yesterday on the Health Care Exchange, and I'd like you…


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