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CAIR of Michigan is now suing Michigan and the taxpayers

Muslim C.A.I.R. of Michigan is now suing the state of Michigan and its people of the state because the prison system will NOT relent to providing food that Muslim prisoners demand over other prisoners.  Pizza for everyone on demand?…


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The United States Department of Amnesty

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Buena Vista Township racist

Democrat Clerk from Buena Vista Township, Michigan resists to resign/step down for calling another official an arrogant ni****!  I guess liberals have two sets of standards they go by, one for them and another for everyone else!


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NAPOLITANO: The right to shoot tyrants, not deer - Washington Times

NAPOLITANO: The right to shoot tyrants, not deer - Washington Times

This article was written by a former judge, Judge Napolitano, from NJ. It does a great job of explaining where our rights come from and why the second amendment was written and why it is just as valid to day as it was when it was established 222 years ago. It is interesting to note that our government has bent over backwards, not to admit, that the second amendment gives us the right (according to Judge…


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Extortion By Gun Grabbers

Extortion by Gun Grabbers

North Korea is pretending to be crazy and expecting us to once again provide millions or billions of dollars in aid in return for backing down from their pretend stance; in other words they are using extortion.  This is precisely what the gun grabbers are doing in this case.  Pretend to take an extreme position and then settle for whatever you can get.  The problem, as I see it, is twofold:

 1. The gun grabbers do not understand that the…


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When you explain that the Second Amendment was established not for self defense, not for hunting but rather to protect us from tyranny, do people looked puzzled?
Do they say that could never happen here?
Today there is even more proof that that tyranny is here!


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Diametrically Opposed

I've noticed, especially within the last fifteen to twenty years, that Democrats and Republicans hate each other so much, they just say the opposite of what each party says. For example, since Republicans are fully embracing a lazziare-faire free market, Democrats are slowly shifting towards socialism. Somewhere within the argument, I think Republicans started rejecting nature and being green, simply because democrats upheld it. (Either that, or they are being funded by oil companies.) I…


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