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Merely coincidence, nothing to see here, move along ....

From AmSpec:  Obama and the IRS: The Smoking Gun?



According to the White House Visitors Log, provided here in searchable form by U.S. News and World Report, the president of the anti-Tea Party National Treasury Employees Union, Colleen Kelley, visited the White House at…


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TEA Party Rant

Here is the text of my 2010 "TEA Party Rant," In Charlotte and Kellog Park. The recent scandals in the State Department, DOJ, and IRS; confirm our suspicions of a corrupt, punitive government. This is all so contrary to what America stands for.

After a disappointing election, and in the midst of a nasty internal struggle within the conservative movement; I hope these recent events serve as a rallying call to everyone concerned about the size and scope of government. My indignation… Continue

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Big daddy o is watching over you

Big daddy O, more commonly known as  Barack Obama is redefining the role of government in our lives.  He has managed to convince "Mr ntelligent American voter"  that all he has to do is lay back and let BIG and I do mean BIG government take care of him.  Need food, hey come on up to the food stamp line, need medical help, don't worry bou it, we got big daddy Ocare.  Ain't got a phone, we got a lot of them to give away and we'll even give you free minutes.  And once we regulate and fine those…


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A man of dishonor

I listened to opening statement of rep Issa and felt that he explained clearly his thoughts on Benghazi.  Then rep Cunningham gave the minorty's point of view, the first minute or two  of  his opening statement stunned me.  I felt at long last here was a democrat that would set aside his liberal philosophy to reach the truth.  He spoke of the courage of the three men that were going to tesify.  He praised them for the way they conducted themselves during the attack…


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apology to rep claybourne for mistake

on may 9th 2013 i wrote a piece called a man of dishonor I made a huge mistake by naming rep claybourne as that man. and i hope he accepts my apology.  the man i was refering to is rep cunningham who is the ranking member.


ed cassi

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When a nightmare becomes a reality

Before I continue I want to commend the many people on twitter that have voiced intelligent, honest, informative and non virile opinions.  Unlike the liberal outlets which seem to delight in spewing out 'embelished truths', misrepresentations, slander and a host of other baseless opinions.  Unfortunately many liberals have become very hostile to views of conservatives.  Many democratic party leaders, from mr obama on down, have instilled hatred of the right in the minds of their followers. …


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Changes in the defintion of Marriage

It appears likely that the traditional definition of marriage is about to become obsolete.  The new definition will allow ANY two indivduals to marry and be entitled to federal benefits.  I don't paricularly care if homosexuals get hooked up if they care about each other, I don't think it's right, but that's not my call.  What does get my blood boiling is the use of the word marraige,  When I hear that word I see a woman in a church walking down the aisle and her…


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