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Counter-Protest "SWAT"

Fellow Patriots,

I was speaking with Melissa at Congressman McCotter's office yesterday. Her office in Milford is in a residential area and vulnerable to demonstrations by groups like moveon and ACORN.

Before I go any further, I would NEVER ask anyone in our group to put themselves in a potentially dangerous situation.

I propose a Counter-Protest "SWAT" type group. I would expect the office being demonstrated against to call local law enforcement first. The… Continue

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9/12 March on Washington from Port Huron (possible stops in Plymouth/Canton)

From: psalmfourteen@juno.com

Subject: Forgot this info! (PH trip to DC)

To: rattlewithus@yahoo.com, lapeerteaparty@charter.net, marlotrucking@sbcglobal.net, SCNebula@aol.com

Date: Wednesday, July 29, 2009, 1:36 PM

Registration and NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT must be in by AUGUST 15th.

Balance due August 31.


Barb Burdo: bburdo@comcast.net

(586) 980-1809

You may pay online by credit card thru Pay… Continue

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From Michelle Malkin

August 22: Join the nationwide Recess Rally; Dems performing CPR on Obamacare


Read for details.

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Example of News Coverage of Tea Parties


There was comment at the July 28 planning meeting in Northville that we never got any coverage from local newspapers especially The Detroit News and The Free Press. I'm happy to report that I saved the articles from the April 16th edition of the Detroit News.

News about the April 15th Tea Parties in Michigan from the April 16 Detroit News [mostly positive and encouraging]

EDITOR’ S… Continue

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Michigan's Westsiders to DC for 9/12

From: psalmfourteen@juno.com

Subject: [Michigan-TeaParty-Organizers] Michigan's Westsiders to DC for 9/12

To: Golden@lists.netonecom.net, michigan-teaparty-organizers@yahoogroups.com

Date: Tuesday, July 28, 2009, 1:04 PM

Hi everyone;

I met Janice at the Tea Party Training Convention in Lansing back in June.

I thought the info about getting groups going south from the Traverse City area might interest you.

Our charter bus service has agreed to… Continue

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My Day at the MVF

Today was the first of a 3-day “Stand Down” at the Michigan Veterans Foundation. I was a volunteer at the event. A Stand Down is what we used to call an R&R in the Army. The streets are the battlefields and the MVF is the haven. Haircuts, breakfast, lunch and supper were provided. They had legal services there; along with Social Security and Veteran’s Affairs reps. Numerous church groups were there to explain their individual programs.

I saw the members of the Color Guard that… Continue

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Rattle With Us Group Meeting Tuesday, July 28, Northville

I just did my RSVP for the next Tuesday meeting. I was disappointed to see that only 2 people nave responded to attend. I hope many of you plan to come. I have contacted Harry Reid, Levin and Stabenow by phone to express my displeasure at sneaking the Hate Crimes ammendment onto the Defense Authorization Act. It is not too late to let them know you see what they are up to since there are still issues to be worked out.

Is there another way that members of the group can receive… Continue

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Bakke v. Regents of UC video on YouTube.

Though many of you are well aware of the Landmark 1978 Bakke v. Regents Supreme Court decision, most people have no idea how that story ended. I was very surprised to see that there was not a single YouTube video that dealt with the student denied admission (Allan Bakke), a student (Patrick Chavis) admitted to the diversity program (i.e. in Bakke's place) and the tragic career of that affirmative action doc. I believed that this was a story that needed to be told so I put this video together to… Continue

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Levi Johnson

I guess that Levi Johnson was on the TODAY Show this morning
how dumb do you have to be to take the word of or listen to a 19 yr. old (boy) Kid
who's not even smart enough to wear a rubber ?

This is who the Democrates listen to ?

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Let's Boot Them All

Here is the email I sent today:

July 10, 2009

Dear Representative Upton,

Dear Senator Levin,

Dear Senator Stabenow,

It is time to reboot Congress in 2010! I am writing to inform you that I am part of a grassroots campaign working so that as of the 3rd of January, 2011 you will no longer be serving in the House of Representatives of the United States of America. We are planning to vote against all incumbents in Congress in 2010. I am also…

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"After party" on the 4th of July

I hope you all come to the rally at the Northville Community Park from 12:30 to 3:30.

After that you might want to check out the following rally in the Port Huron area (about 75 mins from Northville) :

Kimball Twp., Michigan

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Regis. 3:00pm; Event 4:00pm – 7:00pm

Next to Golf Country Driving Range

4730 Smiths Creek Rd.


Join us for a family style event with fun activities, educational displays and… Continue

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