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Please join us for an AA eat-and-greet for John Davis noon Tues 8/23

Please join us at the Creekside Grill, 5827 Jackson Road, Ann Arbor, 48103, on Tuesday, August 23 at noon or 1 PM to meet John Davis who is a Conservative GOP candidate for President of the USA.

John is making a nationwide tour from his home in Colorado to promote his candidacy and is stopping in AA to share his views with us. Although it is unlikely that John will succeed in his quest, I for one would like to meet a man so courageous and dedicated that he would pick up such a heavy… Continue

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Brain-Dead Liberals - dealing with.

Tea Party people: You've been called "Fools." You've been branded as "Terrorists." Maxine Waters (D-CA) stated "Tea Party people can go straight to Hell... and I intend to help them get there" which sounds an awful lot like a death threat or at least inciting violence! Can you imagine if a Tea Party Patriot suggested that of the Socialist Caucus... er... I mean, of course... the "Black Caucus?" The MSM would never end their coverage of the need to…


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McCotter Pays Tribute

You may have heard that Michigan's own U.S. House Rep. Thaddeus McCotter threw his hat into the ring for the 2012 presidential election.  Though he will not be attending Fox News' GOP debate on August 11, 2011, he will be at the Iowa Caucuses on August 13th.


Having personally been to the Iowa Caucuses in the past, it is a very unique experience where normal everyday people can actually walk up to an meet the various candidates quite easily.  If you have ever wanted to visit…


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Barack Oblunder admits his FAILURE!

I could hardly believe my ears, I had to play it back a few more times, but it didn't take long into Oblunder's speech today (Mon. 8/8 re: S&P AA+ rating) for him to finally slip up and admit the Obama-bin-Biden admin. & al-Democrats failings.

It didn't take a downgrade for us to understand that a…

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Political Extortion and Psychological Projection, as usual

FACT: The House of Representatives (controlled by Republicans) have passed a Bill regarding the FAA EAS (Essential Air Service) and the Senate (controlled by Democrats) have NOT!

FACT: The House of Representatives (controlled by Republicans) had passed a Bill (Cut, Cap, Balance) regarding the Debt Ceiling (in advance of the deadline) and the Senate (controlled by Democrats) had NOT and refused to honestly debate the House Bill or submit a Bill of their…


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That's right, that's the message the Demoncrats want you to be aware of! If you don't increase the budget of the Department of Education: CHILDREN WILL DIE! We've heard this before, remember the Dems claim: 'Rep (HC) plan: Die Quickly'?!?! It's coming soon, again.

Despite the Fact that the new budget deals do NOT cut spending by 1 penny, we are supposed to believe that this is a great…


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