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Oakland Press totally mis-represents Troy rallies on September 8!

The Oakland press ran an article on its front page on the Troy rally. It had a picture of a pro-obamacare person with their sign on page 1A, and indicated that there was a speech to about 50 supporters early in the day. The rest of the story appeared on page A7. There it said that about 200-300 protesters gathered! It didn't mention that the true number was more like 3,500 (according to Troy police)! In my opinion, The Oakland Press has shown that one cannot trust their content, and I will… Continue

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Precinct Delegates - The what, where and why!

Please attend our meeting Monday the 14th (see "events" for further details). People, we must become active and informed NOW in regards to the 2010 elections.

Take a look at the video posted today on

The video shows ACORN in action. An undercover reporter and his femaile assistant went in posing as a pimp and a prostitute. I'm not going to go in to the complete story as the watch is way better than my writing, but in a nutshell (or should I say… Continue

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A very accurate evaluation of Obama's 6 months in office ! I thought it worthy of a post ...

This one is downright scary.

One of Bob Oster's CEO friends wrote this. Bob respects him highly.

(For those on this list who don't know Bob: he was CFO of Oracle when

it went public, also CFO of Syntex, and holds a Ph.D. in economics

from Berkeley. Since 1987, he has been an angel investor and private

VC. He is on the Board of Overseers at the Hoover Institution.)

My 6 Month Evaluation of the Obama… Continue

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Patriots, We all watch Beck and Hannity. Well as you know they have been focusing on the czars, especially Van Jones. Beck is calling for all of us to call the White House and demand he be fired. I …


We all watch Beck and Hannity. Well as you know they have been focusing on the czars, especially Van Jones. Beck is calling for all of us to call the White

House and demand he be fired. I plan on doing this, however I am going to demand they all be fired. Holdren, Sunstien and Emanuel. Also a guy named HO (sp?) who is in the State Dept. He thinks the US should follow Shariah Law. That is Islamic.

I know we are all focused on Healthcare, but this is too… Continue

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Another successful "Take Back Our Country" rally event with a SlideShow to prove it.

For Photographic Coverage of The Congressman Thad McCotter support rally EVENT on September 3rd in Livonia Michigan please double click on the SlideShow link below.....

Sorry, you may have to copy and paste the link.

Rondal Mullins

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Confucius Say....

I saw this today and had to post it.

"If your plan is for one year, plant rice.
If your plan is for ten years, plant trees.
If your plan is for one hundred years,
educate children." -- Confucius

God bless those of you that do.

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Gary Peters Townhall

I went to the Gary Peters healthcare forum in West Bloomfield and was able to get in. I arrived at 3:30 and they opened the doors at 5:00. The show started at 6 and was pretty much what I expected with the pro-Obama healthcare crowd coming early and taking a ton of seats. Not enough of us showed up early. Peters was pretty respectful, compared to Dingell's townhall. He seemed a lot less imperious and dismissive, but it was a lot of misinformation that we had to listen to. I still find it… Continue

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Global Government is their goal


As the world financial and economic crisis comes into its own, the Western community leaders are seeking to impress on mankind the idea that this upheaval will end up ‘turning the world into something different’.

Even though the picture of the 'new world order’ remains vague and fuzzy, the main idea is quite clear: A single global government, goes the argument, has to be established if we don’t want general chaos to prevail.

Every now and again, Western… Continue

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Payback to the Unions

Apparently "the ONE" has decided it's time for another Union payback. Has anybody thought about starting a Seniors Union? Check the link below:

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Article by Tom Borelli

This is a good quick read;

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show up early

I was reading the Detroit News and it had a story on the Gary Peter's townhall meeting today. The Oakland County Democratic Party is sending out emails to its members telling them to show up at 4:00 to beat us when we show up at 5:00. I was planning on attending at 4:00, but think I might actually show up earlier. Be ready for longer lines than the Dingell meeting. Don't forget to bring your signs.

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