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Elder Levon Yuille Lecture Last Night

Several of us were able to attend the Lecture by Elder Levon Yuille at the War Memorial in Grosse Pointe Farms last evening. It was a most informative and inspiring lecture teaching the races how to understand each other and to acknowledge our own shortcomings and to be able to live together in peace. Elder Yuille is no fan of the Obama government and talked in depth about how black people have been conned into believing that the liberal element are… Continue

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Roman Polanski

Roman Polanski should be removed from Swtizerland and brought back to the states. He should not have the option of trail, for the crime committed is treacherous even after 30 plus years of evading deportation back to the states. As a father of two daughters and two granddaughters I am sadden by this act, than leaving the country once he had rape the 13 year old girl. Justice should be served! My wishes would be that the girl who he had rape is now a women and should be the firts to set… Continue

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Mr. Obama speaking at a fund raiser for Democratic governors on 10/01/09 stated that the stimulus bill was working and that he wasn’t going to stop with his job creation until everybody that wanted a job, got a job. He cited the “shovel ready” projects that were putting people back to work; the roads being built and bridges that we being repaired contributed to the economy showing signs of coming back.

Really, just where are these jobs at? There is some road work being done near… Continue

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Obama v. Kennedy v. Gibbs on Electronic Health Records

President Obama told an AARP meeting that electronic health records should replicate a person's 'entire medical history.' Watch Video

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Corrupt SEIU Bosses Paying Protesters to Support Health Care Forced Unionism

Last Tuesday, Health Care for American Now (HCAN) - a radical coalition that includes bosses from the all-powerful SEIU union, the AFL-CIO, the humilated United Auto Workers (UAW) union and dozens of other unions, along with forced unionism-allies such as the corrupt ACORN group - declared a national day of action.

The expressed goal of this Big Labor/ACORN axis? To create "political villains" by demonizing health care providers across the country.

Every health care… Continue

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