October 2012 Blog Posts (7)

Benghazi Gate

Did the President go to bed on 9/11/2012 knowing that the consulate in Benghazi was under attack and 4 Americans were killed?  All reports show that e-mails from the Ambassador went to the White House and nothing was done to help our people.

Exposed and guilty of lying to America: …


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Poll Challengers Needed

With Michigan being a Toss Up state with regard to whether we go Democrat or Republican this is more important in the past. You MUST get trained and then MUST be registered. There have been changes since the 2008 elections. So, even if you challenged before, you will need to be trained. This is important in all voting precincts of Michigan; but even more important in Wayne County. It has the…


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Defeating Obama - A Strategy to Demoralize His Supporters by Demonstrating His Extremism

I am sending the following letter, with minor adjustments, to campaigns for Congress in battleground states and neighboring states that share the same television media markets:

Dear Campaign Manager,

I represent a consortium of independent candidates dedicated to the defeat of Barack Obama.  I  am forwarding below a fundraising letter that I've been sending to friends.  It begins with a relatively brief summary of what we are all about, followed by my more detailed…


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Wolf in sheep's clothing, now out to pasture?

     I recently received the following from a Plymouth taxpayer:


Plymouth Township Voters Beware


This postcard is from a  Democratic Candidate who pretends to be a Republican. Democrat Alanna Maguire is running for Plymouth Township Trustee. Alanna has sent a post card out showing that she is supported by Democrats and several declared "Republicans" that we defeated in the…


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America's Most Biblically Hostile President

Hello Mrs Fritz,

Here is The site I mentioned tonight at the Tea Party By Andrew Wommack:

A staff member recently forwarded this article to me from David Barton, who I believe is America’s leading expert on America’s Christian history.  It’s entitled “ America’s Most Biblically-Hostile U. S. President." If you have ever wondered what our current president really believes about Christianity, this article will remove all doubt.  It’s a must-read for every…


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I think of DEMOCRATS as an acronym for "Demagogic, Extreme Malcontents, Obstructing, Corrupting and Regressing by Attacking Traditions and Standards."  (I had a really tough time settling on the "D" since there were so many pertinent alternatives: Death-Dealing, Deceitful, Dangerous, Destructive, Degenerate, Disordered, Deranged, Deviant, Dysfunctional, Depraved, Demented, Deplorable, Decadent, etc.)  These traditions and standards include self-reliance, personal virtue and responsibility,…


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The Bill of Frights

The Bill of Frights

(aka The BRIGHTS Manifesto)

A Declaration of the Principles and Premises of the Wrong-Wing of

the American Political Universe.

When in the course of societal evolution, it becomes necessary for those most fit to rule, by virtue of their greater education, wisdom, goodness and moral enlightenment (hereinafter referred to as the BRIGHTS, for Benevolent, Rational, Insightful,…


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