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Two Groups of People ! PLEASE COMMENT.

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Subject: Health Care Nullification: Things have just gotten underway

Health Care Nullification: Things have just gotten underway

21. Dec, 2009

by Michael Boldin

“The several States composing the United States of America,… Continue

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Please order Congressman McCotter's publication!

Hi All,

Just in case you haven't gone over to the "Forum" section of the site, I am sending this request to you via the blog post.

There has been quite a bit of talk these past few weeks regarding the rise of a "Third Party". Much has been printed and reported on the power of the Tea Party movement.

I am very proud of what the grassroot movements across our country are doing and what we have set our sights on - the 2010 elections and getting the "right" men and… Continue

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Is this the future of America [Detroit] ?

Please review the attached VERY WELL DONE video to see what is happening to our society because we are rapidly headed for socialism as opposed to an attitude of self reliance and responsibility.

This is a MUST SEE !.


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Sent: Tuesday, December 22, 2009 7:06:21 PM GMT -05:00 US/Canada Eastern

Subject: A couple of important items from

Mark's Dems Strategic / GOP Tactical Theory [Andy McCarthy]

The best thing about Mark Steyn's guest-host stint on Hannity last night — other than Jonah's joining him on the panel — was that Mark asked some pointed questions of two brilliant political strategists, Dick Morris and Karl Rove, that seemed rooted in Mark's theory that,… Continue

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Michigan Tea Party, 9-12, and Liberty Groups

A member of the Lapeer County TEA Party Patriots put this together. If you have a friend that is looking for a TEA Party group, have them look here.

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The Health Care bill fight is not over! Fight it out until the end!

This isn’t over yet. I just posted this on a National site and it would take a National coordinated effort of the Tea Party. But we can do our part and we don't have to wait for others.

1. The Senate and the House will adjourn until January. We need to get to each of the Senators and Congressmen in a big way over their holidays and let them know how angry/frustrated/PO’d we really are. Perhaps it is time for some folks to chain themselves in buildings. Now is the time to really get… Continue

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A window into the world of the global alarmist (aka leftist) crowd...meltdown in Copenhagen :)

I encourage each of you to peruse the following site It provides some insights into how the Global alarmist crowd is reacting to the debacle at Copenhagen and their plans moving forward.

In addition to the plans outlined on the above site and its myriad links, you should know that the UN is working on a Global Climate Situation Room in Gimcheon, South Korea (see attached) with the purpose of sounding the alarm… Continue

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Special Senate Election in Mass - something you can do to make a difference today.

There is a Senate Race in Mass on the 19th of January. Scott Brown (republican) is running against a very liberal candidate. This is for Ted Kennedy's seat which opened up after he died. The race is closer than the usual Mass races and because this is an mid-year election the entire race could depend on turn-out efforts. It is possible that the Republicans could win this race or at least make it close enough to send some shock waves through the Democratic ranks much like the race inthe NY-23… Continue

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Senator SellOut

Here we are our backs are against the wall as our elected officials sell their very souls for a yes vote on health care plan that will increase costs, raise our taxes and jail those that refuse to buy coverage. Our very freedoms are being ushered out by the “ruling class” that can only be compared to that of the Iron Curtain of the Soviet Union some 50 years ago.

The very reason government took up health care reform was to ensure coverage for everyone and reduce costs, this as we see… Continue

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Health Care Jibberish

I am sick and tired of hearing the liberal talking points about the current state of our health care system.

They refer to it with words such as broken, crisis, unaffordable and sweeping reform. They also refer to the republicans as the party of NO and continue to pump out the idea that the republicans had no plan, when it is well known they had offered several plans. They need to learn that, just because they say them doesn’t make it so. Republicans are not the party of NO; they are the… Continue

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Give Senator Ben Nelson the Boot

Now that Harry Reid has bought off Senator Ben Nelson (D-NE) with our money, it looks like government run health care will soon be a reality. Senator Nelson is voting for this despite the fact that a majority of Americans oppose it, and an overwhelming majority of Nebraskans oppose it. Being the final vote needed for cloture in the Senate, he will forever be seen as one of the primary players responsible for imposing this awful legislation on America.

The Nebraska GOP has set up a… Continue

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TONIGHT LIVE Health Care State of Play Update

Dear Fellow Tea Party Patriots,

As you know from all of your work the last few days and weeks, we are at a critical point in our fight against government takeover of… Continue

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Dear Policy Patriots -

Thanks to you, the Free Our Health Care NOW! campaign has made unprecedented progress in the fight against government-run health care. More than 1,350,000 Americans have joined you in signing the Free Our Health Care NOW! petition; and Policy Patriots like you have sent 368,000 emails to Congress!

You're making a difference in the campaign against government-run health care! Senate Democrats have gutted the bill, losing the 55 Medicare option,… Continue

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December 16, 2009

Laura's E-Blast

December 16, 2009


Sen. Joe Lieberman has officially begun his walk of shame back to his former party on the issue of healthcare. Sen. Ben Nelson seems ready to cave with new abortion language in the bill. And Pres. Obama crowed that they were closer than ever to making "history" (because that's… Continue

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Visit our News page

Brigitte Gabriel on Hannity December 22nd

by Guy Rodgers, Executive Director

Dear Hank & Cathi,

ACT! for America President Brigitte Gabriel will be appearing on the Fox News “Hannity” program on Tuesday, December 22nd. The program airs at 9 P.M. and 12 A.M. Eastern Time.

Brigitte will be a guest on “The Great American Panel.”

If you’ve never seen that segment, the panel discusses several… Continue

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Republicans who voted against the budget bill added "pork" anyway

Some Republicans who voted against the budget bill added "pork" anyway knowing the Democrats would pass it. Vote them out.! Julie

Independence Caucus

A Citizen's movement to take back government from "Big Money" Interests groups

A message to all members of Independence Caucus

Greeting I-caucus members:

In our Article II video, we showed you how Congress stuffed 9,000+ un-authorized earmarks into the 2008 budget and had Congress vote on it with… Continue

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Obama Promises

Obama promised the American pharmaceutical companies that he would not allow foreign companies to import drugs into this country and that he would not price fix the amount these companies charged for their drugs. The pharmaceutical companies responded by spending millions for TV spots to advance ObamaCare. The senate is now looking to vote on an amendment to allow price fixing and it allows foreign imports which should scare the hell out of every American in this country. I'll bet those… Continue

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Editorial from the Telegraph in Great Britain re: Why does Obama hate America

Is it just me?

by Geral Warner

The whole world can see him as the problem for America

From the British Media (Not Fox News)

Obama in the British Media

Here is an interesting editorial from someone outside our country as to what is going on!

Barak Obama and the CIA: Why does President Pantywaist hate America so badly?

If al-Qaeda, the Taliban and the rest of the Looney Tunes brigade want to kick America… Continue

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Obama's risky-sex czar not fit for the job

Sent: Wednesday, December 9, 2009 9:19:54 PM GMT -05:00 US/Canada Eastern

Subject: EDITORIAL: Obama's risky-sex czar

EDITORIAL: Obama's risky-sex czar


WARNING: This editorial includes discussion of topics that are sexually graphic. Under usual circumstances, we would… Continue

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