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                                   We want to wish all of you a very blessed  Christmas  and



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Let's Say Thanks To Our Troops

I was never much of a letter writer when I was in the Army. But, I have to tell you that letters from friends and family meant the world to me.

Xerox will print out a postcard and send it to someone serving overseas. Please take a moment and go to the following link…


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The Dream Act

The Dems failed to get enough votes for cloture on the Dream Act today (12/18/10).

There were 3 Republican Senators that voted Yea. Of course, our Senators, Levin and Stabenow voted Yea.

The GOP must understand that these Republicans cannot be supported when they come up for election.


Grouped By Vote Position

YEAs ---55…


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From Peggy at AAA Crisis Pregnancy Center

Hello Rattlers,

Wanted to share the thank you card I got from Peggy who is the executive director of the AAA Crisis Pregnancy Center. This is her response from our meeting on the 6th to those of you who donated items for their ministry - "Thank you for your idea to combine AAA with Rattle With Us. I enjoyed being there and received very good response. Please extend a thank you to the members for all they contributed."

I too would like to thank you for your great…


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The following is an article from Dick Morris.....

By Dick Morris

Dear Friend,

The formerly solid wall of Republican opposition to any tax increase has now been breached and it is up to us to repair it and plug it up!

Three normally conservative Senators — Tom Coburn (Oklahoma), Mike Crapo (Idaho) and Judd Gregg (New Hampshire) — have voted in favor…


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PCCS Unite

A grave injustice in our local Plymouth Canton Community Schools (PCCS) Board of Education has been transpiring of late. It seems like a group within the School Board has put upon themselves to disrupt working in cooperation with the Board as a whole. Instead they would rather promote their own self-serving, egotistical and…


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Patrick Colbeck ~ Full Circle

At our monthly meeting last night, Sharon announced that Patrick Colbeck will be taking the oath of office at our meeting in January. This is a big deal on a number of levels.

Patrick announced that he was running for the Michigan Senate seat at one of the Rattle With Us rallies. A great number of people worked long hours at many levels to help him get elected. It has come full circle. Soon, he will be taking the oath of office before his supporters and friends.

The icing on… Continue

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Remembering Pearl Harbor. . .

December 7th, 1941: a dark day that indeed lives in infamy…


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Please Help Get the Word Out

James Keena has been the keynote speaker at many of the Rattle With Us events. He has worked hard and diligently on a tool that we can use in our fight against the liberal mindset. Jim has never asked for a speaking fee and we would like to do something to say "Thank you" for all he has done to help the conservative movement.

Although Jim Keena’s Book, We’ve Been Had, has received…


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Please Join Me in Supporting Bobby Schostak to be the next GOP Chair

I hope you will consider joining me in supporting Bob Schostak for MIGOP Chairman. Please email me at to endorse Bobby!

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