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Third Edition of the Wes Press

Third edition of “Wes Press” – Behind the Scenes but Not in Front!?

Dear Delegates/Alternates and other interested parties,…


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Agema rescinds Weiser Endorsement: Supports Horning and Stelle for U of M Regent

Agema Rescinds Weiser Endorsement: Supports Horning and Steele for U of M Regent


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2nd Edition of “Wes Press” – BE A KING NOT A PAWN

It troubles me when some in our party proclaim that delegates should be a rubber stamp in support of the Governor’s choice for Lieutenant Governor - both in your vote and your voice.

They are saying you are welcome to volunteer your time, treasure and talent but don’t bother us with your hopes and concerns.

I reject the notion that delegates should be seen and not heard. I reject the fact that many precinct delegates were signed up simply to be used as pawns in a game to…


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Who should be Michigan's next Speaker of the House?

Dear Rattle With Us Writers Group members and other friends.  …

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Does the TEA Party need to come to its senses?


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Should Government business be in English only?

Dear Rattle With Us Writers Group members and other friends.  …

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First Addition of Wes Press

Hello Precinct Delegates and other interested parties,

My name is Wes Nakagiri and I’m sure you have heard by now that I am running for the position of Lieutenant Governor.  The Lieutenant Governor will be selected BY THE DELEGATES at the MIGOP State Convention on Saturday, August 23rd.

If you are wondering why I am sending you this message via so many different means of communication and organizations, it’s because I have always believed the best voter is the most…


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The Left continues to LIE about the TEA Party and Michigan Politics

What you are about to read requires some setup. What follows is a response to some Libtards continuing to deny, dodge, deflect, distort, and outright lie about what is reality that was/is part of a Conversation from another website (which you can review at: I thought it important to share with you.…


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Rejecting the Satanic-"Democratic" Agenda

I wrote what follows in the spring of 2008 before Obama had secured the nomination, but nearly all of it still applies.  It was originally intended to be printed on just two sides of one sheet.  When I realized I could not get this done at reasonable cost I threw in a whole lot more such that it now runs about 8 pages single spaced.  It contains a lot of ideas that I believe could be effectively used in many campaigns.  Please copy it and forward it as you see fit.  Best wishes…

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Sending a TEAParty message to MI-GOP on August 5th Primary day....

My latest LTE for your consideration as a letter for you to write, but more importantly, for you to share with other CONSERVATIVE VOTERS as a suggestion for August 5th: LTE: Aug 5 Primary Message to GOP - suggestion to Michigan's Conservative Voters....…


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Despite Public Outcry Plymouth Township Surges Ahead With Amphitheater

Despite opposing Public comments at Township Board Meetings, Petitions, lawn signs, television coverage, social media and screaming residents screaming out objection the Township continues it's arrogance by moving forward with the 400 seat amphitheater project in the Township Park. This is only one of the unwanted and wasteful projects the Township officials have shoved on the taxpayers in the last year. This money should be spent on new new equipment for our fire department. The fire chief was… Continue

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Lending Library Recent Additions


The Enemies Within- Communists, Socialists and Progressives in the US Congress, by Trevor Loudon.

Conform: Exposing the Truth About Common Core, by Glenn Beck.

Control: Exposing the Truth About Guns, by Glenn Beck.


We Ride To DC, by Dennis Michael Lynch.

They Come To America- The Cost of Amnesty- I & II, double DVD, by Dennis Michael Lynch

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Letter I wrote to many Newspapers and Magazines... and encourage others to write on topic...
Dear Editor:

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Candidate for the 13th Congressional District

Just letting you know that I am running as a candidate for the 13th Congressional District.  Plan to start hitting the bricks this month.

Have answered pac questionnaires.  Sent out press releases to local print, TV, and radio media.  Also have campaign business cards.

Website is up and running.  Do check it out.  It's  Let me know what you…


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Exposing the Liberal lies that Voter Fraud never happens.

Summary via a list of Tweet after tweet with link after link regarding the issue...


Democrats enacting Voter ID:

Joseph Lenard @JLenardDetroit …


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My latest LETTER TO EDITOR (Local & National Newspapers & Magazines).... Race in Politics....

Dear Editor: RE: Race in Politics....

The Democrats continue to play the race card for Political gain. I say to that, over and over, IT'S NOT HIS (Obama's) COLOR, IT'S HIS POLICIES STUPID! We equally oppose Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and many other Liberal/Progressive (read: Socialist) Democrats!…

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Sure hope our Precinct Delegate affidavits have been submitted.

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Active shooters in schools: The enemy is denial

Active shooters in schools: The enemy is denial

Preventing juvenile mass murder in American schools is the job of police officers, school teachers, and concerned parents

“How many kids have been killed by school fire in all of North America in the past 50 years? Kids killed... school fire... North…


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Harvard Study: Gun Control Is Counterproductive

I've just learned that Washington, D.C.'s petition for a rehearing of the Parker case in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit was denied today. This is good news. Readers will recall in this case that the D.C. Circuit overturned the decades-long ban on gun ownership in the nation's capitol on Second Amendment grounds.

However, as my colleague Peter Ferrara explained in his …


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