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Right Winger applauds Obama (aka: Dead Terrorists)

So... We have a few more dead Terrorists at the hands of the Obama-bin-Biden administration. They refuse to capture any; they don't want to remind you Gitmo is still open, that sticky issue of that they'd have to interrogate them somehow, and that they haven't had any Tribunals yet (Holder still wants to push Civilian Trials). A Reaper (not a Predator, there is a difference) drone took out Al-Whacky and Con (yes, yes, yes, I purposefully MOCK their names).

Wait a minute... Weren't…


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Barack Oblunder admits his FAILURE!

I could hardly believe my ears, I had to play it back a few more times, but it didn't take long into Oblunder's speech today (Mon. 8/8 re: S&P AA+ rating) for him to finally slip up and admit the Obama-bin-Biden admin. & al-Democrats failings.

It didn't take a downgrade for us to understand that a…

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That's right, that's the message the Demoncrats want you to be aware of! If you don't increase the budget of the Department of Education: CHILDREN WILL DIE! We've heard this before, remember the Dems claim: 'Rep (HC) plan: Die Quickly'?!?! It's coming soon, again.

Despite the Fact that the new budget deals do NOT cut spending by 1 penny, we are supposed to believe that this is a great…


Added by Joseph M Lenard (JLenardDetroit) on August 1, 2011 at 5:00pm — 2 Comments

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