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Liberal's Religion is Government - their motto: Separation FROM Church TO State...

Conservative mindset: "Pay it Forward!"

Liberal mindset: "Pay it For ME!"

We are now reaping what Liberals have been allowed to sow! .... "Render Unto Caesar" does NOT mean in Liberal Laziness pass/transfer Responsibilities to the State.... "Separation FROM Church TO State" .... "Creating Dependency is NOT Compassion" .... "Compassion/Charity is going door-to-door (YOURSELF) to help raise funds for a needy neighbor, Liberal Laziness is voting to have the IRS extort the funds!"....…


Added by Joseph M Lenard (JLenardDetroit) on October 26, 2011 at 9:00pm — 11 Comments

"Occupy" thug-ocrats vs. Tea Party Patriots

I thought I'd share my thoughts, in the form of the Washington Post Op-Ed I sent them....


I'd like to Thank the Media for showing us Tea Party folk the errors of our ways and how it is that we would also gain respect with MSM support and positive coverage - obviously you think we would be "better" if we were like the "Occupy" Thug-ocrats...


Better for the Tea Party to "occupy" and block traffic on Pennsylvania Avenue; like the…


Added by Joseph M Lenard (JLenardDetroit) on October 15, 2011 at 8:00pm — 6 Comments

More anti-Americanism -- Coming Soon... to a Theater near you

The Hollywood (Liberals) Hate-fest and urge to reinforce the Indoctrination foundation they lay through the schools of everything positive about Liberal/Progressive solutions to the ills of the Country/Planet and mocking of anything/everything "Conservative." This also, of course, includes their disdain for Military (and Freedom-Fighting)... Coming soon to a Theater near you are more of the usual-suspect and retread plots of anti-Americanism. which leads me to have to ask: Will any…


Added by Joseph M Lenard (JLenardDetroit) on September 24, 2011 at 3:00pm — 22 Comments

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